Personal Story

Hoodoo, Witches and Herbalism

I have been fascinated by herbalism my entire adult life. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs was my first purchase when I started practicing Wicca. I poured over each page, enjoying the illustrations, magickal energy and uses. I often referenced Cunningham’s book when I wanted to do spells.

I walked away from Wicca, revisited earth-based spiritualism as an eclectic witch then dropped that too. Suddenly I was interested in Hoodoo, which is an African American folk medicine tradition. Somewhere between the wandering I made bath salts, infused oils and creams. There was a strong desire to make teas, oils and tinctures but I put no action behind it.

The desire to make teas, tinctures, oils and other herbal concoctions has resurfaced. This time I thought it was some past life experiences resurfacing. I was ready breath through the energy then let it go.

I was mistaken. My interest in herbalism isn’t random. Several goddesses and ancestors have been guiding me to maintain the old ways to heal Gaia, myself and others.

I’m a descendant of the Goddess Isis-Mother Mary lineage. Isis taught agriculture. Mother Mary is an Isis initiate. My paternal grandfather and great-grandfather were both healers. They worked with herbs, roots; healed people and animals.

I could turn away from this, but working with Spirit has been rewarding.

I was guided to an online herbalism course to learn the basics and build community with other herbalists. I’m at the beginning and it feels right.

Chamomile is the herb that I want to work with most. I was sensitive to it when I was younger. My dreams were psychedelic after drinking a cup. I want to understand its healing energy, connect with it, and infuse it into my cooking.

I welcome you to follow me in my herbal journey. I’ll share recipes, challenges and successes. And, a little magick.


Time To Hit The Reset Button On Life

We are in a brand new 9-year vibrational cycle. The years 2017 through 2025 can be prosperous regardless of what is happening in the media. In fact, unplugging from the news and social media will help us realize the potential because we will no longer be distracted.

2017 has a universal vibration of 1 (2+0+1+7 = 10). The full expression of this year is a 10. The zero, often never spoken of, is about our connection to our intuition. This year is about new beginnings, being a leader and taking action based on what we feel is for our highest good.

January has a universal vibration of a 2 (the year is one, the next month is two). Balance and cooperation is key for this month. It is time to build communities that are reflective of our values. Partner with others who share our vision. Individuality is old energy. Let that go. We must co-create a new world.

As a vegan, it is important for me to eat food that is local and organic. This calls for me to join a CSA, support community gardens, compost, and share recipes. This nurtures my well-being and those in the community.

In 2016, I asked the universe for abundance and I got it. I spent the year eating food grown by local farmers, cooking some of the produce in a church for a weekly community meal, and working as a personal vegan chef. I actually got to a point where I was tired of seeing food. But I changed my attitude and thanked the universe.

Lady Luck in my oracle deck comes up for this month’s universal vibration. Cooperate with people who nurture you. Brainstorm ideas. Let some of them incubate. You’ll know intuitively when to put them into action. This will move you and your community into a direction that is balanced and fruitful. Win-win!

Holistic Health

Using Reiki In Your Everyday Life

You can use reiki in your everyday life. One does not have to become a reiki professional after receiving an attunement. It can be used for self-care only.

Reiki energy flows through the palms and fingertips, so you are sharing the energy with everything you touch. When used with intention, reiki can be used to clear energy blocks, raise the vibration and for balancing.

The hand positions taught in a reiki course can balance the mind and body; clear energy blocks from auras and chakras; and alleviate headaches, muscle pain, and mild body irritations.

Food and Water
Similar to saying a prayer over a meal. You are sending energy directly into the food or drink, which is known to elevate how you feel when consuming the meal. Reiki the groceries before putting them away.

Household pets, especially cats and dogs, enjoy reiki energy. They will snuggle up to you for an energetic rubdown.

Reiki feeds the roots and stimulates its growth. Use the energy on seeds to create a vibrant harvest.

Clear the energy of a room before you get there (distance reiki) or as you are standing in it. This will raise the vibration and people’s moods.

Chanting & Meditation
Use a symbol during meditation or chant the name to focus your mind.

Self-care is vital to your wellbeing. Reiki is another way to energize and balance your life. The best part, is that reiki is accessible whenever you want it.

Holistic Health

What Is A Reiki Attunement?

A reiki attunement is a spiritual process of aligning you with reiki’s healing energy. A reiki master teacher performs the attunement during an attunement ceremony.

There are different types of reiki. Each master is a continuation of a lineage that starts Master Mikao Usui, Master Chujiro Hayashi, and Madam Takata as the primary masters. There are many deviations afterwards.

Every reiki master teacher is different. Regardless of having the same training, the connection to the energy differs. The more reiki master uses reiki the stronger the connection. Their healing on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level also affects their connection. This affects a reiki attunement.

During an attunement, at the basic level, the reiki master teacher channels the energy into your crown, which will then flow throughout your body. The rest of the ceremony will differ based on reiki tradition.

I teach Usui Reiki Ryoho. I also work with the angels and ascended masters. My reiki attunements are spirit guided – inviting the student’s spirit guides and guardian angels – so the student becomes more aligned with their spirit family for their own self-healing in addition to the reiki energy. No two attunements are the same. They vary on the needs of the student. One of my students may receive one attunement while another will receive four.

We are guided by spirit towards the right reiki master teacher. Use your intuition to decide on which type of reiki is for you and who will give you an attunement. Be aware that you could outgrow your reiki master teacher after an attunement. This has been my experience. Whatever lesson you needed to learn with a particular reiki master teacher is about your soul’s purpose.

A reiki attunement is a spiritual process that connects you to the universe and helps you heal mind, body and spirit. There is no right or wrong way to experience a reiki attunement. Your intuition will guide you for what’s right for you at that time.

Holistic Health

Integrating Reiki With Other Healing Modalities

Reiki can be integrated with other healing modalities. The energy flows out the center of the palms as well as from the fingertips, so it can be sent from across the room or through gentle touch. The energy starts where the reiki practitioner places their hands, it then moves to wherever it is needed.

Reik energy is gentle and balances a client’s body and mind. The energy is always flowing. It can be used separately or integrated into the healing practice with little to no extra work.

Yoga Instructors
Healing energy can be sent to the joints and muscles of students during an adjustment or while they are in the savasana (corpse) pose.

Doula or Midwife
Alleviate discomfort in the birth parent during prenatal appointments or time of delivery. Case studies have described fetuses as calm, possibly going to sleep, during reiki sessions.

Therapists (PhD, MSW, LPC)
Sending distance healing from across the room to a client or to a stack of client folders will calm the mind, reduce stress, and give clients an overall feeling of relaxation.

Reflexologists & Massage Therapists
Reiki energy and the kneading of muscles work in tandem during the massage. Extra energy can be sent to a spot on the client if it required more work than usual.

Integrating reiki into an existing healing modality is another way to help a client achieve peace of mind and healthy body. Doing self-reiki is a helpful way to end the day of seeing clients, removing stress and inducing a restful sleep.

Spirit Healing

What Is Healing Mediumship?

Healing mediumship is a term used by the Spiritualist Church for energy healing. It is similar to reiki, but it includes the healing support of angels and spirit guides. Many reiki practitioners do as well depending on their training, intuition, and comfort level with the spirit world.

I have called my modality reiki for years, but it expanded since trusting my connection to the spirit world. The angels and spirit guides are wonderful to work with during an energy healing session. It is completely intuitive and I can offer more during a session.

Psychic Mediumship
Messages from angels and spirit guides about energy blocks and ways the client can heal themselves in practical ways. Spirit guides sometimes make jokes to keep the session light-hearted.

Karmic Cord Cutting
Cutting energetic cords between the client and another person from a past life or this lifetime. Cord cutting helps the client re-establish healthy boundaries.

Soul Retrieval
The soul sometimes loses energy when it incarnates repeatedly. Soul retrieval heals and integrates this energy so the client’s soul feels complete.

Energy is expansive on its own. As I allow myself to expand, how I can be of service to others do as well.