Psychic Development

Spirits of the Three Worlds

Think of the three worlds, or realms, as a tree. The roots are the lower world, the trunk is the middle world, and the branches and leaves represent the upper world.

Shamanic practitioners travel to these three worlds (journeying) when they do energy healing.

Upper World

This world has many names: heaven, the light, angelic realm, celestial realm, and the other side. The spirits listed below vibrate at a high level. And, it is a vibration of unconditional love.

  • Angels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Spirit Guides
  • Loved Ones, which are souls that have crossed over.
  • The 8th chakra, which is your Higher Self.


Middle World

This is the earth plane. There is a mix of energy – low and high – in this realm. Some of the energy is loving, some of it is not.

  • Humans
  • Animals
  • Nature Spirits – faeries, gnomes, tree people, etc.
  • Earthbound Spirits. These are the souls that decided to not cross over.


Lower World

This world is often referred to as ‘hell.’ It’s not. Hell was a human creation. Like the middle world, there is a mix of high and low energy.

  • Animal souls – totems and spirit guides.
  • Minerals/ Gemstones
  • Plants
  • Ancestors
  • Lower World Deities – Hades, Hekate, Persephone.
  • Earth Soul Chakra, which about a twelve inches (30.48 cm) beneath the heels of your feet. This gives you a deep connection to the earth.

You can connect with most of the spirits in these worlds with only your psychic abilities. (Here it comes again.) Ground and protect yourself before you do.

Start with your Higher Self if you are new to developing your psychic abilities. Work your way to your spirit guides and angels. This helps you build a foundation for the rest of your development. Your spirit guides will let you know the best next steps to take.

Be well!



Universal Numerology Message: Let go of what no longer serves you. Today’s 9 energy is showing you in various ways of what and who that is. Turn to Spirit to help you discern between fear-based and love-centered choices.

Personal Development

Affirm Your Worth

Affirmations are brief statements of truth about what you want in life. They work when you believe in them. Affirmations are stronger when you include your spirit guides. Take action on the guidance that comes afterwards.

What we focus on becomes a reality. We are affected by the shifting energy of the universe regardless of how we believe in metaphysics. The universe is a cohesive space. The spirit world, planets, asteroids along with our thoughts and attitudes are connected.

Many people can feel these shifts. Awareness, rest and going with the flow allow you to sense how to move forward. Pushing against the energy changes creates unhealthy cycles.

Even when life feels like it’s in the crapper, an affirmation can change your mood and reality. I know it sounds woo woo. But, it starts with you. Affirm your worth. I am an accomplished songwriter. Include your spirit guides. Dear Spirit Guides, thank you for helping me write beautiful songs.

Whatever you believe and affirm takes time to manifest. Everything is connected. When Spirit hears your affirmation, it works with the universe to put the right people and resources in place. Answers may come in dreams. Acting on the guidance is how the affirmation becomes material. In the case of songwriting, it could be in the form of a co-writer. Collaboration stimulates creativity.

Do you need new friends? I love my friends. I feel safe with them. Dear Spirit Guides, I am grateful for my loving and support friends. Spirit may guide you to paint mugs at the local art gallery. Go! Have fun!

Be consistent. Even after you have manifested your truth. Nothing is static. The universe wants you to move outside your comfort zone. Be open. I am open to receiving. I am open to expanding. Dear Spirit Guides, I am grateful for my abundance.

Your spirit is pure love. You deserve abundance. It’s your birthright. Affirm it.


Universal Numerology Message: Today’s 6 energy is about you keeping the faith. Faith in yourself and Spirit. Turn to your guides when doubt slips in. Allow your guides to inspire you to move through the challenges.

Psychic Development

Maintaining Healthy Relationships While Living as a Psychic Medium

My relationships with friends and family have changed since deciding to live as a psychic medium.

Both of my parents have psychic abilities that are phenomenal. My father shares his skills whenever I ask. He supports me 100%. My mother ignores the topic altogether.

Friends have ‘transitioned’ to acquaintances because our values and interests no longer converge.

I started out only wanting to develop my psychic abilities for my daily life. Expanding into giving intuitive readings felt natural. I didn’t question it. However, I struggled with telling people, Hey! I’m a psychic medium. I’m at 99% acceptance as I write this.

Working with the spirit world is seen as spooky, witchcraft, or the devil’s work. I work overtime dispelling the myths and mayhem associated with psychic abilities, angels, spirit guides, Loved Ones.

There is a silver lining. As friends and family stepped away, people who are open to psychic mediumship became more visible. Initially, it was difficult to experience. I thought the people I’ve known for years (decades!) would have been supportive. I later realized that was is a process for rebuilding a supportive community.

Joining different groups of energy healers changed my life. I’m connected to hundreds of people who work with reiki, gemstones, angels, spirit guides, loved ones and divination. These aren’t deep relationships, but very supportive. Collaborative.

Everything is connected. Living my truth requires releasing what no longer serves me. It makes room for abundance.

I’ve had a lot to ponder since beginning this post. I love how my community is developing. Relationships take time. Good relationships require time.

Hey! I’m a psychic medium. 100%.

Zen Monk Candle by airguy1988
Psychic Development

Meditation Will Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

Meditation is a practice that sharpens focus and strengthens concentration. The benefits are unparalleled.

  • Inner peace in the mind and body
  • Strong awareness of yourself and others
  • Confidence in yourself
  • Understanding interconnectedness to the Universe

Your psychic abilities will also strengthen as you practice meditation.

Remember that you are a spirit, being psychic is your birthright. Making the conscious choice to develop your abilities is a way to deepen your relationship with yourself, your spirit family, and the rest of the world.

There are many types of meditation. The simplest is sitting in a quiet room, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath.

Healing happens on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels when you meditate. The levels are connected to your chakras. Your psychic abilities are connected to the same chakras.

I practice vipassana meditation. My practice involved sitting for an hour in the morning and again in the evening. I experienced a lot of healing. I did this for a year until my spirit guides suggested that I balance my time with dancing, going for walks and meditating for only fifteen minutes.

You learn a lot about yourself when you meditate. Everything you think you know will be challenged.

So, take some time to become healthier, happier and more psychic.

Personal Story

Music and Mediumship

Music is energy. Vocals and music vibrate at various frequencies. It stimulates brain waves and changes your mood. Energy healers use sounds and music to clear chakra blockages. I use music during my reiki sessions.

Spirit has sent me tons of messages and experiences about becoming a musician. Tons!

As a child, I loved to sing and dance. I spent many years on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning when I got older. I’d nearly break my neck running across state lines for music festivals. These were always my happiest moments in life. I still listen to music daily. Sing, dance, and search high and low for new artists.

Still, I only thought of myself as a music lover. I didn’t make a personal connection between Spirit and music until two weeks ago.

Writing haiku is a happy time for me, too. It has been the poetry form that feels like it comes from my heart.

This clarity has generated new energy and shifted me to songwriting. I’m enjoying it. Writing children’s songs is the most fun.

Since my ‘ah ha’ moment, I have taken a music and mediumship workshop where the goal was to understand the relationship between the two and experience how it expanded our abilities. It felt delicious working with Spirit in that way.

My spirit guides are happy that I am open to this new experience. I do not know where this will lead me. I do need to return to playing music. (I was in the marching band. That’s a completely different story.) Playing the piano has been a series of messages as well. I’m listening now!

There will be no hit songs at the beginning of this new adventure. I have to practice patience.

I will write, re-write, repeat. And, enjoy where the energy takes me.

Psychic Development

5 Reasons To Attend A Healing Circle

Healing circles are safe spaces to help you heal and develop your psychic abilities. The Spiritualist groups call them séances or practice circles. Buddhists call them meditation circles. And, psychic mediums call them workshops.

I mix it up. I call it a healing circle because I am Buddhist, a psychic medium, and practice mediumship with the Spiritualist Church. My intention is to help people with their healing process.

Meet Like-Minded People

Healing circles attract new and regular attendees open to connecting to Spirit. They are willing to sharing their experiences and learn from others.

Raise Your Vibration

The best way to connect to Spirit is being calm, centered and in a good mood. That radiates from within. Being in a room of high vibrational people enhances your mood.

Meet Your Spirit Guides

This is a departure from many healing circles that I’ve known of or been involved in. I love introducing people to their spirit guides. Attendees receive messages of love and clarity from the team supporting them with unconditional love.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Facilitators will give exercises to help develop your psychic abilities. If meditation is part of the agenda, you may be guided to tap into one of your clairs and practice using it.

Questions and Answers

This is the best time to learn more about your connection to Spirit. Discover ways to work with your spirit guides in your daily life. You also connect with others in a deeper level as people share their experiences.

Connecting to Spirit is empowering.

Healing circles offer ways to heal old wounds, move your life in a different direction, and make new friends.

Support is always there for you. Take the next step towards your healing.