The Meaning Of Zero In Numerology

Pythagorean numerology includes numbers 1 – 9. I read the full expression of a life path number, which means the number 0 may appear. It has the vibration of The Divine. The God/Goddess Spark.

My life path number is a 1. It is a reduction of the full expression, 28/10. 1 signifies leadership, confidence, creativity, and new beginnings.

The 0 in anyone’s full expression is about a strong sense of self and being highly intuitive. It gives the reduced number in a life path reading more power. People with a zero in their full expression tend to be interested in spirituality and/or the healing arts. They struggle listening to and trusting their intuition if they are moving against the flow of the zero.

I’ve been on both sides of the flow.

To learn if the full expression of your life path number has a zero, add your month, day and year together of your birthday. The sum will be a double digit number. Next, add the double digits. If the full expression includes a zero then your life path involves being a spiritual teacher in some way. Perhaps a spiritual practice will help you with your current endeavors.

Developing intuition is important to receive clear messages from the Higher Self. This can be done through psychic development courses. Meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, or reading spiritual books is also a good start.

We all have a connection to The Divine. Those of us with a zero in our life path are experiencing a spiritual awakening that can serve others in significant ways.

Allow yourself to flow with the energy.


Rude Awakening – Mommy

I’m a modern day witch. (Not to be confused with Wicca.) The contemporary term is eclectic witch. I honor Mother Earth, my ancestors, nature angels, and devas of plants and gemstones. I also work with the Goddess Emissaries, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, and angels. Numerology is my divination tool. I’m a healer; my main modalities are mediumship and numerology. I love incorporating everything to do chakra healing.

This was foretold during a dream I had when I was about 3-years old. But I didn’t realize it until recently.

My family and I were living in Germany at the time. In the dream there were three women, who remind me of Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, complete with the same long black hair and long-sleeved black dress sitting on the floor slouching against the kitchen cabinets…two on the left, one on the right. Their heads were hung low as if they could not handle the weight of them. Their faces were slightly yellow. They seemed in pain, but they were silent. My mom was standing further back with a bottle of Dimetapp in her hand. She poured the purple liquid onto a spoon and started to care for one of the ones on the left. Then I woke up.

I remember that dream as if I had it just a moment ago.

Our souls astral travel to different spiritual planes when we dream. We receive healings, messages, and guidance about our lives. Sometimes we heal others. I do the latter as well. I visit children in hospitals to help them cope with their illness.

Not all dreams are literal. This was a dream about me being a nurturer, healer and witch. Purple symbolizes spirituality and cosmic consciousness. In numerology, 3 is about growth, expansion and rebirth.

I have been sharing my developing spiritual abilities with my mother, but she keeps her lips pressed firmly closed, which is ironic for someone who loves to talk. She thinks of witchcraft as a bad thing.

My mom visited my dreams on a couple of occasions. These were not dreams of her, but dreams of her astral projecting into my dreams and communicating with me. She may be the reason why I can smell, hear, taste, feel emotion and physical interaction in my dreams. It wasn’t until she started visiting me that I could do these things. I needed to because she got physical with me at one point. I had to shove her off.

She once visited me in another dream and asked me about my life. The next day she called to ask the very same question. It’s as if she wanted me to know what she was capable of. I could hear the smugness in her voice. She also has a different relationship with spirit as she has been diagnosed with schizoid paranoid disorder. Many people who are like her or diagnosed with mental challenges have a strong relationship with spirit. They straddle the physical and spiritual worlds with a strong pull towards the spiritual.

Think twice before you criticize someone as ‘mental’ or ‘retarded.’ They see and hear your angels, spirit guides and Loved Ones. They see all of you. People in the spiritual community consider them to be untrained psychics.

I believe it.


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