Personal Development

Being Busy Versus Being Productive

The words busy and productive can be boiled down to semantics. There is a difference for my line of work.

Many of us keep busy to avoid doing what we love or need to do to move forward in life. I have found many things to clean rather than write, rest or play.

Being productive feels rewarding. If you know your soul’s purpose and life path then you put forth effort to work towards your goals. Productive people are focused and understand the importance of balance of mind and body.

I can tell when someone is busy. Their aura, body language and speech have distinct vibrations. I can even sense it in an email.

Productive people find peace in solitude. Busy ones need distractions to not feel alone.

Look at your to-do list. Are you keeping busy or being productive?

Personal Development

The Four Elements of Prosperity & Abundance

The four elements of increasing prosperity and abundance are self-love, joy, sharing and connection to spirit.

Abundance means more of something, like time, energy, food, love, health, and creative ideas. Prosperity is specifically about the material world – money and things that it can buy. Money cannot buy time, energy, love, health or creative ideas, but it can buy a good meal.

Many people ask for more money because of fear-based reasons – keeping up with friends, wanting to be admired for the latest gadget. When people ask for abundance, they conflate it with money. It is rare for someone to ask for more time to paint or relax. Too often people say that they feel guilty about taking time for themselves. They would rather multi-task and be tired at the end of the day. This is their sign of accomplishment. In reality, they have accomplished nothing.

Fear is Hungry
Fear is a low vibration. It feeds on negativity and creates more anxiety, low self-esteem, poor self-worth and confusion to survive. Below are factors contributing to fear.

  • Consuming current events via television, radio, print, Internet and social media.
  • Spending idle time on social media.
  • Eating processed food.
  • Ignoring intuition.
  • Being selfish with your time and energy.
  • Disregarding time to rest and have fun.

The four elements are interconnected; they fuel each other and lessen fear’s energy.

Taking care of yourself first helps you make better decisions. You approach life in a healthy way when your mind and body are balanced.

  • Drink 16 ounces of water before each meal.
  • Cook and eat plant-based meals using only fresh produce.
  • Take a 20-minute walk every day.
  • Rest when you feel tired.
  • Focus on your breath for six minutes. This is anapana meditation.
  • Go to bed at the end of the day when you start to feel the lull.

You feel completely free and happy when you do what you love. These are activities that you do alone or with a small group of like-minded people.

  • Playing Dungeons & Dragons or Sudoku.
  • Creating art.
  • Listening to music, singing, dancing or playing an instrument.
  • Gardening.
  • Spending time playing with your pet.

Sharing the Intangible
Time, energy, love, and patience are intangible. Volunteer work is a great way of sharing. It breaks down the ego and opens your heart. What you give comes back to you threefold.

Connection to Spirit
You’ll discover your soul’s purpose and life path when you accept that you are a spirit having a human experience. Your soul’s purpose has a goal of learning from different experiences. In each lifetime your soul gains wisdom. It chooses a path to express itself until it gets the lesson right. A connection to spirit is easier to achieve through self-care, joy and sharing the intangible. Meditation is a singular way to do it.

The four elements feed your soul and attract prosperity and abundance. Your soul is hungry, feed it well.

Personal Development

Stop Looking For Love

Love is a beautiful thing. It feels safe, secure and warm. It’s nurturing.

Many people run after love like it’s a lottery ticket. I’ve done psychic mediumship readings for some of these people. None would date themselves, yet they attract a version of themselves and wonder what is wrong.

Stop looking for love outside of yourself. You attract what you are. If you want happy and healthy then be happy and healthy. Desperation attracts those who will mistreat you. I know this to be true because I used to chase after love. I realized that I was a child of emotionally unavailable parents. Sugar addiction was my way of coping and I attracted questionable people. I carried that with me as my own truth.

Those days are over. I love myself completely. I attract loving people who listen to me. I’m emotionally mature enough to love and listen to them.

You’re looking for attention when you chase someone. Love is simple, dynamic and flows to you when you work through your inner turmoil.

Redirect all that love you want to give towards yourself. Heal your wounds; be comfortable in your skin. When you least expect it, love will knock on your door.

Angel Healing

Angel Healing and Astrology

We are sensitive to astrological changes on various levels. Our emotions change with the phases of the moon as well as which signs it passes through. Women’s menstrual cycle is governed by the lunar cycle. Mercury’s retrograde, as for all retrogrades, affect those who have it in their birth charts.

Angels rules the sun, moon and particular planets and astrological signs. You can call on all the angels or ones specific to the signs in your natal chart for healing. Below is simple list to get you started.

Mars – Aries
Basic traits: energy and initiative. Rules the 1st House (ascendant): ego, identity and soul purpose.

Archangel Camael rules Mars and gives you to the courage to believe in yourself. Archangel Machidiel rules Aries and aids in self-confidence.

Venus – Taurus
Basic traits: reliability and persistence. Rules the 2nd House: self-worth, finances and wealth.

Archangel Haniel rules Venus. She helps with intuition and bringing love into relationships. Angel Tual rules Taurus. Work with her to learn how to practice patience.

Mercury – Gemini
Basic traits: versatility and curiosity. Rules the 3rd House: communication.

Archangel Michael rules Mercury. Call on him for protection and strengthening your communication skills. Angel Ambriel, ruler of Gemini, stabilizes the air energy so that you are flexible as life changes.

Moon – Cancer
Basic traits: intuition and sympathy. Rules the 4th House (Imum Coeli): home and family.

Archangel Gabriel rules the moon. She helps you develop your intuition and communication skills, which is great for writers and public speakers. Angel Muriel rules Cancer and gives you the courage to speak your truth.

Sun – Leo
Basic traits: confidence and self-expression. Rules the 5th House: creativity and sexuality.

Archangel Raphael rules the sun. He helps you develop your healing abilities, capacity for love, and protects you when traveling. Angel Verchiel, ruler of Leo, heals your self-worth and using your creative energy from a heart-centered perspective.

Mercury – Virgo
Basic traits: analysis and perfectionism. Rules the 6th House: health and service.

Archangel Michael appears again as ruler of Mercury. He helps you share your truth. Angel Hamaliel rules Virgo and helps them to be aware of details.

Venus – Libra
Basic traits: balance and harmony. Rules the 7th House (descendent): partnerships – platonic, romantic and business.

Venus is blessed with Archangel Haniel’s energy once again. Call on her to balance your self-love with the love of others. She works with angel Zuriel, ruler of Libra, for balancing life with love and beauty.

Pluto – Scorpio
Basic traits: passion and intensity. Rules the 8th House: support from others, transformation.

Pluto is ruled by Archangel Ariel. Her energy is also connected to Mother Earth. She expands your spirituality and helps you manifest abundance. Archangel Barakiel rules Scorpio. Call on him to focus your energy on your life purpose. He will help you release what does not serve you.

Jupiter – Sagittarius
Basic traits: adventure and independence. Rules the 9th House: wisdom, intelligence, connection with the Divine

Archangel Zadkiel rules Jupiter. He will help you manifest abundance and move forward with your life that is in alignment with your soul. Angel Adnachiel rules Sagittarius to help expand your personal vision.

Saturn – Capricorn
Basic traits: ambition and organization. Rules the 10th House (Medium Coeli/Midheaven): public life, fame.

Archangel Cassiel is ruler of Saturn. He brings harmony to your organization skills. Angel Nadiel rules Capricorn help you organize and be maintain stability.

Uranus – Aquarius
Basic traits: originality and vision. Rules the 11th House: friends, organizations, social groups.

Archangel Uriel rules Uranus to help you be grounded. Angel Cambiel rules Aquarius to help you believe in your unique personality and ideas.

Neptune – Pisces
Basic traits: sensitivity and faith. Rules the 12th House: shadow self, karma, hidden secrets.

Angel Phuel rules Neptune to give you more faith in your intuition, to let go of ego so you can flow with the energy. Archangel Barakiel rules Pisces to heal indecision.

Life Purpose Angel Healing
Archangel Barakiel is connected to the sacral chakra, which governs our creativity and intuition. Archangel Machidiel governs our solar plexus, the area of our will power and confidence. Together they heal you to have strength to put your ideas into action. They are wonderful to work with when you have a laundry list of ideas but don’t know where to start. These angels will help you reduce that list and focus on what will bring you the most abundance.

Dear Archangels Barakiel and Machidiel, please help me let go of what no longer serves me so I can focus on what is truly important. Thank you.

Love Angel Healing
Dear Archangels Raphael and Haniel, please heal my heart and help me release old behaviors so that I can attract a romantic partner who is compatible with my soul.

Spirit of the Flower by Rowland Ally
Personal Development

Types of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are your team of counselors. They give you guidance about everything in life. They are always communicating with you in whispers, visions, feelings or thoughts.

All spirit guides have lived as human beings. They have experienced enough as human and spirit to be allowed to guide your journey on earth. The types of spirit guides below are a few who help guide you in everyday matters.

Personal Spirit Guides
This is your permanent team of spirit guides. Your soul met with them before incarnating into physical form on earth. There is one who is the primary spirit guide; it speaks for all other guides on your team.

Teacher Spirit Guides
Ascended Masters are teacher guides. They partner with the angels to tech you specific lessons like self-love, love for others, purity and service. They stay with you temporarily or flow into your life periodically. Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Buddha and Jesus are some of the commonly known teacher guides. Ascended Masters can also serve as a primary spirit guide.

Ancestor Spirit Guides
Ancestor guides are similar to your personal spirit guides. They are not to be confused with ancestors. Ancestor guides lived several lifetimes ago. They have spent ample time in the spirit world learning how to be spirit guides. They counsel you about your true calling. It is rare for a family member from your current lifetime to become an ancestral spirit guide.

I met one of my ancestor spirit guides when I learned how to do automatic writing. I learned that music balances my mind, body and spirit. Music needs to be in my life to feel grounded, connected to my body and the universe.

Messages from your spirit guides are clear when your mind and heart are open. If you are ignoring the messages, your guides will use a different route. In this new age, they conspire to send messages to you through the Internet. They are that savvy.

Holistic Health

Self-Care With The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Many of us practice the eight limbs of yoga without knowing it. Yoga means the union of opposites. The eight limbs of yoga brings together our breath, mind and body to heal us from the inside out.

Yama – Ethical Standards
In its purest form, yama is about not harming living beings: animals, plants, minerals and humans.

Niyama – Ethical Observances
Our beliefs are put into action with daily practices. We devote to philosophical, spiritual or religious study and practice that may include spending time in nature everyday, eating a plant-based diet, communicating with angels or socializing with people of like minds.

Asana – Postures
We all know this as the different styles of hatha (power) – Iyengar, Astanga, Kundalini, Bikram and Sivananda. The intention of hatha is to strengthen the body for meditation.

Pranayama – Breath Control
Translated as ‘life force extension,’ this is a focus on the breath as it is connected to the body and mind. It moves the chi, or energy, throughout the body. Alternate nostril breathing and the Breath of Fire are two of the techniques in pranayama.

Pratayahara – Withdrawal of Senses
Taking a break from daily life by turning off the television, cell phone and computer. Going camping or meditation retreats are other ways we can unplug from the world.

The five limbs above prepare us for the the next three limbs, which are phases from beginning to end.

Dharana – Concentration
Sitting in meditation focusing on the breath, chakra or an object (candle flame, symbol pictured in the mind).

Dhyana – Uninterrupted Flow of Concentration
Experiencing ‘monkey mind’ is normal. The mind becomes still with practice. With dhyana we no longer notice the breath or other object of focus.

Samadhi – Enlightenment
We transcend mind, body and breath. This is a sense of ultimate peace, connection with the Divine. In meditation we can experience this for a moment, several minutes or longer.

We do not have to become a monastic to achieve enlightenment, but we can choose where to focus our energy in work, play, friends and family to maintain our internal feeling of peace. This is the ultimate self-care.