Psychic Development

Grounding, Protecting & Clearing

Grounding and protecting is necessary before doing any energy healing work like psychic development. Clearing is best to do before and after energy work. Also, do it after spending time with people.

You may sometimes feel detached from your body when developing your psychic abilities. You may find yourself daydreaming more, feeling emotions or thinking thoughts that are not your own.

Grounding connects you to your body and to the earth. Protecting helps you to only feel your feelings and think your thoughts. It also protects you from other energy forms from latching onto you – human and non-human.

Your body consists of an electromagnetic field, or aura, that surrounds your entire body like a bubble. The shape, size, color, and clarity can be seen and/or felt. The aura is an indication of your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It can change throughout the day.

Your aura can stretch as far as fifty feet. It comes into contact with the auras of everyone you have ever met. This is how you know when someone is coming up behind you. You are feeling their aura. Every interaction results in an exchange of electromagnetic energy. Clearing removes the other person’s energy from your aura.

Visualizations will strengthen your 3rd Eye chakra. This will help you develop your psychic abilities involving clairvoyance, or clear seeing.

Grounding – Picture yourself as a tree. Your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Roots spring from the souls of your feet and move deep into the ground. Feel your legs, hips, stomach, arms, and head strengthen. Feel the sun on your skin as it warms and energizes you.

Experiment with other symbols to ground yourself, like a rock, anchor, or flower. Become aware of how you feel when choosing your symbol for grounding. This is an indication for which symbol works best.

Protection – Picture your aura as a thin blue shield that stretches three feet from your body. Make it expand so that it is the same size of the room that you are in. Expand your aura so that it surrounds your house. Next, contract your aura so that it envelops you like a second skin. Practice watching your aura expand and contract. End the visualization with the size that feels comfortable for you.

Clearing – Visualize a white light that sweeps through your body from every direction. Allow this light to penetrate your skin, bones, blood and muscles.

Affirmations – These are short sayings that reflect what you want to accomplish. Affirmations strengthen your throat chakra and your psychic abilities involving clairaudience, or clear hearing. You can also write affirmations, or repeat them silently.

  • I AM grounded, safe, and secure.
  • I AM shielded by the white light of [your deity].

Angels – Call on Archangel Michael to shield you and cut cords between you and undesired energy.

Prayer – Call on your deity to envelop you in white light. Example: Dear _______, please envelop me in your white light and protect me from harm. Thank you!

Experiment with all the techniques and use one, or a combination, that resonates with you the most.

Make grounding, protecting and clearing part of your daily routine.

Personal Story

My Life As A Psychic Medium

My life as a psychic medium is ordinary. I cook, clean, eat, sleep, use the bathroom, pay bills, answer emails and texts, shower, and volunteer.

Communicating with spirit is the one difference from most of the people in my life. I take time for self-care before interacting with the outside world.

Daily routine

Morning prayer – I say good morning to my spirit chorus and make comments about my dreams, waking up in the middle of the night. Next, I pray to the Mother Goddess for blessings of love and protection for myself and others.

Journal – Each journal entry starts with the relevant astrological movement of the moon and sun, retrogrades, equinoxes/solstices, and gateways. I then record my dreams and their interpretations, affirmations, and a list of gratitude.

Meditate – I sit for fifteen minutes doing vipassana meditation and end it with Metta meditation. On a rare occasion, I will chant Om Mani Padme Hum.

Self-reiki – I give myself a head-to-toe, front and back energy healing session.

Chat with my spirit guides – This helps me gain clarity about my day.

Yoga or Dance – A kundalini teacher told me that dancing is actually a type of yoga. I had fun in her class. I do a few asanas for about ten minutes after mediation and dance periodically throughout the day.

Walk – I have to get out of the house at some point in my day. I love going for walks after the rain because of how the air smells.

Evening prayer – I thank the Mother Goddess for love and protection as I sleep.

Most of my daily routine takes very little time. I wake up (without an alarm) around 5AM, so a lot of my routine is complete before my neighbors leave for the day.

Weekly routine

Mediumship Practice Circle – This is my bi-weekly routine to keep my mediumship abilities strong.

I will be honest. I sometimes ‘shortcut’ my routine. I’ll give myself reiki while meditating, chat with my guides during my walk, and dance in my seat. But I don’t leave any of it out of my day.

Establishing a routine for self-care, even it is for fifteen minutes, will strengthen you. It will be easier to take on the world when you love yourself first.


The Life of a Medium – Part 2

If you survived Part 1 then you are ready to practice mediumship. You’ll need to practice while maintaining a calm and balanced life.

There are several ways to practice mediumship:

Find a mentor and receive one-on-one guidance. Interview this person. They will be helping you develop your skills and link to the Spirit world. Use your psychic abilities to sense if this person is a right fit.

Join a group in your city, which can be found through your local metaphysical bookstore. Many metaphysical bookstores have lists of groups in the area because members buy items, like candles, smudge sticks, and metaphysical books for their own practice.

Find a local Spiritualist church or join their online group: Spiritualist National Union International (SNUi). Both offer study and practice.

Go to a psychic fair where you will find a plethora of mediums. Get a reading. Interview a few mediums. Remember to ground, center and shield before stepping into the space. There will be a lot of energy swirling around.

Join an online group where mediums offer courses and a community of practitioners. This list is endless. It’s like casting a line into the sea. Read the medium’s bio and how they work. Let your gut guide you.

Visit the Omega Institute, Arthur Findley, or Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. You can meet like-minded people, study and practice your psychic and mediumship skills.

I started with Slade Roberson’s Automatic Intuition and currently study and practice with SNUi. Mediumship is something to practice even when you are not giving client readings.

The key is to practice, practice, practice.


The Life of a Medium – Part 1

Not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychic.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are all psychic. We can strengthen our psychic skills to help us in our everyday lives. It saves us time, energy and money. Our experiences change as our abilities expand.

Being a medium requires a different commitment. People seek the help of mediums for emotional healing. This must be taken seriously because mediums communicate with souls that have transitioned from the physical world into the spirit world.

There are steps to take before practicing mediumship:

  • Set an intention to be of service to others for the Highest good.
  • Study and practice the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.
  • Study metaphysics, psychology and symbolism.
  • Study mediumship.
  • Learn to meditate and do it daily.
  • Exercise several times a week.
  • Drink more water.
  • Declutter your life.
  • Learn to ground, center and shield. This is very important!
  • Learn to trust yourself and your psychic abilities.
  • Practice patience.
  • Learn to relax. And relax!

This may seem like a tall order, but souls are energy. You need the energy to make a connection with them. You will need time to rebuild your energy after you end the connection.

Becoming a medium requires intention, determination and dedication. It is a practice in itself. Decide if this is the path you want to take. It is a big responsibility.

Personal Development

What Does It Mean to be Psychic?

We are all psychic because we are spirits having a human experience. If psychic is too ‘woo woo’ then switch it up with being intuitive or having spiritual abilities. However you call it, this is our natural ability.

Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting are our five senses. Being psychic is our sixth sense. In some ways, our five senses are heightened so that we receive messages from our spirit guides to help us throughout the day.

Our sixth sense is divided into clairs, or clears.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing): Information comes to us as images – moving or still – while awake or during meditation and our dreams.

Clairaudience (clear hearing): We hear various sounds inside our heads. There may be external sounds when there is no thing or person creating it.

Clairsentience (clear feeling): This is when we have gut feelings or our emotions change when we meet a person. People that are empathic are hypersensitive. Watching the news, living in big cities, or entering a room full of people can be overwhelming.

Clairalience (clear smelling): A scent may appear from nowhere to invoke a memory. This is a rare clair.

Clairgustance (clear tasting): The taste of food, minerals, chemicals, and even diseases will appear in our mouths. This is a rare clair, too.

Claircognizance (clear knowing): This is where we know the truth 100%. We don’t second guess anything.

Our clairs are like muscles. We have to use them to keep them in shape. Self-care and psychic exercises will strengthen them.

Meditation is the most effective way to strengthen our psychic abilities. And, there is more than one way to meditate.

This list has 23 types of meditation, so no excuses. Get your psychic abilities in shape.

Personal Development

Connect with Your Primary Spirit Guide

A spirit guide is a combination of a best friend, therapist, and life coach. We all have at least one. They have been with us since our birth, sometimes our conception.

Spirit guides once lived on earth as humans, so they understand human nature firsthand. We chose them before we incarnated into our physical bodies.

All spirit guides counsel, encourage, teach, and console whenever necessary. Some spirit guides have specific tasks, like helping us with cooking and nutrition. Your spirit guides may change as you mature, or step in and out of your life when they feel it’s necessary.

I have six spirit guides. Goddess Mother Mary is my primary spirit guide. Yes, she is a goddess. Some spirits get ‘promotions’ after they cross over. She is also one of the spirits that make up the Goddess Emissaries (Isis/Auset, Quan Yin, Diana, Mary Magdalene, Hekate, Yemaya, etc.).

You can chat with all your guides. Identifying your primary spirit guide will help you reduce the spiritual chatter. Clarity is key. Your primary spirit guide becomes the spokesperson for all guides. Your relationship with them can help you in the following ways:

  • Help you understand your life purpose.
  • Heal areas of your life so that you can move forward rather than in circles.
  • Save time, energy and money.
  • Meet new friends, romantic partners, business partners.
  • Learn new skills.

Goddess Mother Mary has shared her unconditional love with me. She taught me how to love myself and others. I also get protection every moment of the day.

You can call on Mother Mary whether she is your spirit guide or not. She loves everyone equally.

Unconditional love is healing.

Take the next step towards receiving the guidance you need.