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Spirit led you to my website. It may not be for an intuitive reading, but you are seeking answers. Whatever you are looking for may be on one of my pages or in a blog post. Please contact me if you have general questions about reiki, spiritual awakening, intuitive development, or  approach to my healing work.

If you are new to developing your own psychic abilities, please start with the links below.

Spirit Family

Connect With Your Higher Self
Types of Spirit Guides
Connect With Your Spirit Guides
9 Choirs of Angels
Work With Loving Ancestors

Intuitive Abilities

What Does It Mean to Be Psychic?
Developing Your Clairvoyance
Developing Your Clairaudience
Developing Your Clairsentience
Developing Your Claircognizance
Meditation Will Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

Holistic Health

Grounding, Protecting and Shielding
Developing Your Psychic Abilities Through Self-Care
Self-Care With the Eight Limbs of Yoga
Chakra Healing for Mind, Body & Soul
Volunteer Work Will Open Your Heart Chakra
Books for Spiritual and Personal Development


What Is Reiki?
Reiki and the Ministry

Personal Tidbits

27 Things To Know About Me
My Life As A Psychic Medium
Recovering From Sugar Addiction