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All Paths Lead to the Same Center

Divination and Spirit are different parts of a whole story.

Our ancestors from many lifetimes ago read the sky, interpreted signs, felt the vibration of numbers, and communicated with Spirit.

Somewhere in history there was a disconnect. Tarot, astrology, numerology, and mediumship were compartmentalized.

Divination strengthens not only our intuition but our trust in it.

I was guided to stop using tarot to cultivate a stronger relationship with my guides and angels. I mistakenly took the gesture as not to use the cards again. Over time, I found my way back to tarot then numerology and astrology soon followed.

I’m grateful for the nudges from Spirit to reconnect with divination. They tell the same story in different ways. Spirit makes sense of it all.

Mother Earth is a living being. We are connected to her in profound ways. Think about how you feel during your favorite time of the year. She feeds us fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, flowers, and leaves. We feel electric when we eat her bounty.

People talk a lot about ‘downloads.’ These are energy surges from Spirit and Mother Earth during lunar cycles, planetary changes and seasonal changes. Collectively, our bodies are being cleansed so we can hear our souls. We are being prepared to bring in a new age that heals Mother Earth and ourselves.

Our life path is how we help bring in this new era. We all have something unique to contribute. When we look at our birthday, name, natal chart, or card spread, they tell stories of what our challenges and strengths are so we can live healthier lives. We do this with the help of Spirit and Mother Earth.

Chaos is a sign that we are not in alignment with our life path. We can change the damaging effects together.

Are you in alignment with your life path? How does that look for you?

Fighting the flow of energy

I Sometimes Argue with My Spirit Guides

Working as a team gets the job done better, but sometimes I don’t want to.

My spirit guides and angels keep telling me, “Paris, Paris, Paris. It’s your home. You need to live in the center of the city and shine your light there.” Yeah, yeah. I hear ya.

The term lightworker gets thrown around a lot. Some of us embrace the responsibility while others shun it. I do both.

Our souls chose to incarnate at this time to help people heal so than can live happier and healthier lives. We are ushering in a new age. Some of us are therapists, nurses, acupuncturists, musicians, psychic mediums, or attentive parents.

Our light is the caregiving and sharing our joy of what we love to do.

Paris is a cultural epicenter with its art, music, architecture, theater, fashion, and literature. I love Paris for that. Paris is also hard. I can tell that a large percentage of the people the city need help. I’m not going into because I want my visa approved.

I know that my lightwork is teaching through my writing and psychic mediumship readings, plus being comfortable been seen and heard. Those last two have been the hardest. I’ve been comfortable hiding.

The intention is to inspire people to live their life purpose and be comfortable with it being different from everything they thought to be true.

The argument with my spirit family is about me wanting to live in Aix-en-Provence. It’s thirty minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. The population is twenty percent of Paris’ two million and there’s more space for me to have a noise-free home with a yard to grown my own food and compost. This may seem trivial, but slow, calm and quiet excites me.

My pros and cons list leans heavily towards Aix, but Paris makes more sense because I’m an artist. I get excited when I see posters for upcoming events. It’s the same feeling I get when I think of Aix.

I was born to do a big job. I know this. I can move to Aix and make my lightwork harder. I’m working on surrendering this to the Universe so the inner turmoil disappears. I’ll visit Aix to ground and regenerate my energy.

Are you a lightworker? What are the highs and lows of your calling? How do you ground yourself and focus on your life purpose?

Energy Forecast

New Moon Forecast for 19 September 2017

The new moon rises in Virgo on 19 September 2017 at 10:30PM PST/ 4:30AM CET. The energy for this moon, as all new moons, is about new beginnings but the Virgo sun and new moon will ask us to sort out what we do not need and keep what we want to nurture.

The moon will trine Pluto, square Saturn, and the sun will conjunct the moon. Our souls will ask us to go inside and share emotions that can bring about radical change in our external world. The challenge is balancing logic and intuition to make these changes.

The vibration for the new moon, as well as the week, is an 11. I did not reduce this to a 2 because new moons are meant for manifesting new endeavors. An 11 vibration calls for the same. In short, this is an auspicious week. The autumn equinox is also on 22 September, which is a time to slow down a bit from the creative activity of summer and celebrate our harvest.

Show gratitude for all that you created the entire week. Allow the energy to build up through the weekend. This will help move the 21 August eclipse energy along, which takes us into spring 2018.  

Afterwards, slow down and manifest in alignment with the earth. She’s slowing down, preparing for the harsh winter that is ahead of us. Focus on your breath and it will synch with the earth. Feel the sun and moon rise and set. Have faith about what you want to manifest will materialize. This too will allow you to discern low and high vibrations.

We are being prepared for the long season, through the year 2020, of the Divine Feminine. This is a time to relax, create, rely on intuition, and receive what our hearts desire rather than chase after it.

Goddess Athena is the tarot associated with this time. Her wisdom came from within, as she relied on the knowledge that was already inside her. Turning inward is how we receive guidance about the logical and spiritual steps to take to manifest love, abundance and prosperity.

Overall, the week of the new moon and autumn equinox is a time to manifest what you truly want in life. Focus only on what you want. Visualize it, affirm it, or create a vision board. Know that it is yours.

Personal Story, Uncategorized

10 More Things To Know About Me

Sharing is caring.

I love sharing things about myself. This is an addition to the previous list.

  1. In middle school, band was a substitute for P.E., so I joined band to avoid jumping jacks and relay racing.
  2. I’m sensitive to gluten, soy and sugar. They agitate my adrenal glands.
  3. I gave away 90% of my possessions then moved to France in summer 2017. The trip turned out to be a deeper healing for my mind, body and spirit.
  4. Archangel Metatron told me that I had a bleeding heart. I gave away too much energy. It’s time for me to receive.
  5. I’m attracted to men and women and use bisexual and queer as sexual identities. However, I know that my romantic commitment will be with a woman. They worked with me a lot to work through my sexuality.
  6. I can look back at my life and see how behaviors, interests and relationships led me to the point I am now. I am grateful for all the experiences.
  7. I frequently dream of actors, actresses and musicians — living and dead. Some come while I do yoga. These have been visits before and after crossing over, healings they wanted, or messages to me.
  8. I love popcorn. I pop it in coconut oil then season with cinnamon, Himalayan sea salt and maple syrup.
  9. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Orange is the New Black, or Walking Dead. And this is the short list.
  10. I voted Green in the last three presidential elections.

My Veganism Is Spiritual

Living a plant-based lifestyle saved my life

My experiences with animal-based proteins were uncomfortable. Having diarrhea from pork, constipation from beef, and being grossed out by eggs made giving them up easy. My menstrual cycle was erratic, plus I felt like I was going through a metamorphosis each time I had my period.

Salmon and dairy were the hardest to give up. Making a dill-sea salt rub for the salmon then broiling it with butter was phenomenal. I kissed myself. Cheese was a joy. Havarti, smoked gouda, brie. Blue cheese was my favorite. I ate the crumbles like popcorn. The last time I ate blue cheese had me doubled over, vomiting and battling nausea and sweating.

The biggest concern that I had was maintaining my weight as a vegan. Eating more beans, root vegetables and gluten-free grains (amaranth, teff, quinoa) helped me maintain my weight. My period was even a joy to experience.

Spirit nudged me for about two years to become a raw vegan. I was like, heck no! It was more about not enjoying sweet potato fries; warm oatmeal with raisins, almonds and maple syrup; or Indian food.

As it turns out, a raw vegan diet helps me sense Spirit stronger. My clairvoyance and clairsentience have strengthened.

Other psychic mediums have shared their diet changes and relationships with Spirit. Being grounded is important, so beans, root vegetables, nuts, and seeds are vital.

I only needed to be raw temporarily to understand how diet and spirit work together. But, Spirit wants me to be primarily raw to maintain my connection. I have to stay grounded when giving psychic mediumship readings.

Many people say they are vegan for social and environmental reasons. It was never my motivations. I do love animals. Pet sitting has been the way for me to care for them. They also ground my energy. The thought of eating them has become uncomfortable as I connect with them through caregiving. They are spirits having a physical experience just as we are.

I won’t lie. I think about eating cheese, but that incident with the blue cheese straightens me out. Plus, I’ve been linking the craving for cheese to unresolved issues with the mother. We suckle the breast for nutrition, love and warmth. Closeness. The more I practice self-care the less I think about it.

Are you vegan? Considering it? Have you considered the spiritual connection between you and food?