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The Meaning Of Zero In Numerology

Pythagorean numerology includes numbers 1 – 9. I read the full expression of a life path number, which means the number 0 may appear. It has the vibration of The Divine. The God/Goddess Spark.

My life path number is a 1. It is a reduction of the full expression, 28/10. 1 signifies leadership, confidence, creativity, and new beginnings.

The 0 in anyone’s full expression is about a strong sense of self and being highly intuitive. It gives the reduced number in a life path reading more power. People with a zero in their full expression tend to be interested in spirituality and/or the healing arts. They struggle listening to and trusting their intuition if they are moving against the flow of the zero.

I’ve been on both sides of the flow.

To learn if the full expression of your life path number has a zero, add your month, day and year together of your birthday. The sum will be a double digit number. Next, add the double digits. If the full expression includes a zero then your life path involves being a spiritual teacher in some way. Perhaps a spiritual practice will help you with your current endeavors.

Developing intuition is important to receive clear messages from the Higher Self. This can be done through psychic development courses. Meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, or reading spiritual books is also a good start.

We all have a connection to The Divine. Those of us with a zero in our life path are experiencing a spiritual awakening that can serve others in significant ways.

Allow yourself to flow with the energy.