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August 2017 Lunar Numerology Forecast

The Lion’s Roar is affecting us all this summer, especially in August. This month is ripe with intense energy that is propelling us forward.

The lion is the king of the jungle and fears nothing. He does not stop to think about whether or not he wants to eat the gazelle. He is only focused on his prey. He strikes with precision then shares with his clan.

The lion is confident and cunning, yet he knows when to rest and take for play. The lion’s life is balanced.

August calls for the energy of balance. Take time to rest and play to gather the energy necessary to take action on what is important to you and your community.

The universal vibration for August is 9 – endings and rebirth. In this universal 1 year, August is the time to end the cycle of what has not been working, even if it a small endeavor. For every unnecessary person, place or thing you release from your life leaves room for more rest, play, and new opportunities.

The lunar calendar for August 2017 is ripe with energy to accelerate our efforts.

  • 7 August Full Moon in Aquarius at 11:11AM PDT and Partial Lunar Eclipse 11:22AM PDT. The beginning of the new energy flowing in that will move us forward.
  • 21 August New Moon in Leo at 11:30AM PDT and Total Solar Eclipse 11:26AM PDT. The completion of the eclipse season, which illuminates what we will be doing for the next six months.

If you do energy work, attend to your solar plexus. This is the seat of personal power, courage, confidence, and joy. Meditate with citrine, malachite, pyrite, or Tiger’s Eye. Or chant, OM RAM NAMAHA. On the fun side, laugh and sing a lot.

Remember that house cats are cousins to the lion. Have you ever watched one during the day? They rest, play, and eat. Their human takes care of all their needs. Allow the Universe to do the same for you. Focus on what’s important to you and what you will share with your community with the grace and courage of a lion. Remove the clutter from your life so the abundance can flow to you.


July 2017 Numerology Forecast

Summer 2017 is a time for creating – art, relationships, new businesses, etc. July 2017 is a time to reap what was sown because it has an 8 vibration (7+2+0+1+7=8). There will be a lot of abundance and claiming of personal power.

Abundance looks different for everyone. It could be an increase of time, love, happiness, money, food, or responsibility. A new relationship could be the connection to abundance.

June had a 7 vibration, which asked us to go inward and reflect on what was important to our wellbeing. It was a time to clear clutter from our lives so our foundation strengthened and discernment sharpened. Going inward helped us project our truth. This is our personal power. No one can take that away.

On the flip side, July’s 8 has a vibration of lack and cowardliness. Create healthy boundaries between you and those who are waiting for something to happen to them rather than taking action to do something new.

The full moon will be in Capricorn at 9:06PM PDT on July 8 in the U.S. It will magnify the side of the vibration people are on individually and collectively.

However June looked for you – steeped in fear or releasing it – it will reveal itself in July, especially around the full moon.

Personally, I’d like to see more people take a leap of faith and create new projects and opportunities based on what they love. New communities can grow from these endeavors. It could cause a ripple effect around the globe. We need that now.


Time To Hit The Reset Button On Life

We are in a brand new 9-year vibrational cycle. The years 2017 through 2025 can be prosperous regardless of what is happening in the media. In fact, unplugging from the news and social media will help us realize the potential because we will no longer be distracted.

2017 has a universal vibration of 1 (2+0+1+7 = 10). The full expression of this year is a 10. The zero, often never spoken of, is about our connection to our intuition. This year is about new beginnings, being a leader and taking action based on what we feel is for our highest good.

January has a universal vibration of a 2 (the year is one, the next month is two). Balance and cooperation is key for this month. It is time to build communities that are reflective of our values. Partner with others who share our vision. Individuality is old energy. Let that go. We must co-create a new world.

As a vegan, it is important for me to eat food that is local and organic. This calls for me to join a CSA, support community gardens, compost, and share recipes. This nurtures my well-being and those in the community.

In 2016, I asked the universe for abundance and I got it. I spent the year eating food grown by local farmers, cooking some of the produce in a church for a weekly community meal, and working as a personal vegan chef. I actually got to a point where I was tired of seeing food. But I changed my attitude and thanked the universe.

Lady Luck in my oracle deck comes up for this month’s universal vibration. Cooperate with people who nurture you. Brainstorm ideas. Let some of them incubate. You’ll know intuitively when to put them into action. This will move you and your community into a direction that is balanced and fruitful. Win-win!


Labor Day Numerology

Many in the United States will spend Labor Day hanging out and feeling carefree.

September 5 has a universal vibration of 5 – change and transmutation.

Relaxing and having fun is a remedy best suited for the day. But, one must decide how to move forward on Tuesday. Across the rest of the world, it is recommended to work less. A lot less.

Rest is important. Kick off your shoes, enjoy a foot rub or soak and drop all your worries. Balance the time with fun. Outdoor fun. Turn off the television and Internet. Enjoy the sunshine.

Messages are coming to you in whispers, visions, signs and symbols that will help you with this change we are all experiencing. Stop and pay attention.

Integrating balance between fun and rest will be crucial throughout 2016. It will help you connect with your soul. You will be in the flow of energy that brings more happiness and abundance. Who wouldn’t welcome that kind of change?


Numerology Master Number 11

In numerology the Master Number 11 signifies a teacher, leader or visionary.

The 11 carries the vibration of two 1’s: beginnings and new ideas. It is a masculine number, so it means action, creativity, light, yang energy.

Master Number 11 relates to education, guidance, counseling, social justice, balance, and Karmic Law of Cause and Effect (you reap what you sow).

If an 11 is in your chart then you have been blessed with the opportunity to share your expertise with others.

In a numerology reading, the 11 can show up in different aspects of your chart.

Life Path
You are here to build community with others. It can be in business, the arts, science, or in social justice organizing. The key is for you to stay balanced: mind, body and spirit. You lead in a way that is balanced and innovative.

Soul Number
Your soul has been interested in psychic abilities, spirituality, philosophy and religion throughout its lifetime. Knowledge has been gained through every experience in each incarnation. You understand the Universal meaning in all that you are interested in and educate people about what you have learned.

Destiny Number
Keen foresight is your unique talent. You see a challenge and have worked it out creatively about how to solve it. Your goal is to improve the lives of others by turning your idea into something tangible.

Outer personality (Essence)
People see you as creative or highly innovative. This is because you carry the energy of someone who can inspire others. Tap into what you are passionate about and share it with others. Be an example of living with joy.

As an angel number, repeating 11’s means that the angels and Ascended Masters are opening a door for you. This is an opportunity to learn from them so that you can guide others.

The next time you see 11, 1111, or even 1122, 1133, 1144, etc., ask your angels what it is they want to teach you. Listen then take action.

As a Master Number, 11 means that you are a teacher. Share your knowledge in the area you are most passionate about.