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Holistic Health

Inner Child Chakra Healing

Children have an abundance of energy imagination. Their lives are centered on fun. That stagnates when well-meaning adults ask children to grow up. As adults, we tend to forget fun and burn out.

Chakras are wheels of energy located along the spine that turn, giving and receiving energy that is around you. Chakras can close or become congested with low vibrational energy causing imbalances and health issues.

Heal your chakras associated and inner child with fun activities then balance that with adult-style journaling. Below are inner child healing for the seven main chakras and two little known ones to keep you balanced and happy, head to toe.

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Earth Star chakra
Root chakra
Sacral chakra
Solar Plexus chakra
Heart chakra
Throat chakra
Third Eye chakra
Crown chakra
Soul Star chakra

Holistic Health

Soul Star Chakra Inner Child Healing

The soul star chakra is located six to twelve inches above the head. This is your Higher Self, the part of your soul connected to the spirit world.

The soul star chakra radiates unconditional love and needs no healing, but healing the other chakras allows you to access your Higher Self with little to no effort. In this process, you learn your life’s purpose. Distractions, unhealthy relationships and stress are eliminated.


Automatic writing is one way of connecting with your Higher Self. You can ask questions about past lives, chakra blockages, and steps to take to heal your life. If you try automatic writing, journal about how you felt about the process and answers.

Crown chakra
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Crown Chakra Inner Child Healing

The crown chakra is located at the crown of the head. This is the energy center of knowing, intellect, thinking, learning, and teaching. The crown charka is the connection to cosmic consciousness, or the Divine.

People who had authoritarian parents and/or experienced religious abuse have blocked crown chakras. Their hearts, sacral and solar plexus chakras may be blocked as well if they find themselves shutting down rather than expressing their thoughts and emotions about what they truly believe. Further, a blocked root chakra may be a factor because this is the space of safety and family.

Escapism and is a sign of a blocked crown chakra. Over-thinking is another sign of a crown chakra imbalance. Activities like binge watching television shows, spending long hours on social media, or other distractions go along with this.


  • Learn something new, like a language or skill.
  • Teach what you are passionate about.
  • Find a community that is reflective of your interests.
  • Meditate.
  • Break a rule (that does not harm yourself or others).

Journal about how you felt doing the activities. How long did it take you to unplug from the distraction and act? At any point did you stop and wonder if you were doing the activity correctly? Whose voice was criticizing you? How did you correct this behavior, if at all?

Think about the moment you felt that your parent was wrong about something and they did not listen to your input. Do you two still disagree? Do you find yourself acting out in any way as an adult? How does this feel in your body?

Third Eye or Ajna
Holistic Health

Third Eye Chakra Inner Child Healing

The third eye, or ajna, is located between the eyebrows. The third eye controls dreams, visions, insight, and the physical manifestation of emotions and thoughts.

You manifest your heart’s desires faster when you visualize, affirm and connect an emotion to it. This activity connects your sacral, throat and third eye chakras. Try it to see how fast you get what you want.


  • Daydream about your heart’s desires.
  • Draw, paint, or look at art.
  • Spend time in nature.

The third eye is how you consume beauty. It is also how you create it. Journal about thoughts and emotions you had when you daydreamed. What did you find yourself correcting to manifest the daydream?

Record your dreams. Draw the symbols (animals, plants, colors, locations) and emotions you may have felt in the dream. If you lucid dream, notice your thoughts and emotions. Change the situation to something more pleasant, or use the lucid dream to manifest something.

Throat chakra
Holistic Health

Throat Chakra Inner Child Healing

Listening and speaking are connected to the throat chakra. Located at the center of the neck, the throat chakra is the area of verbal communication.

Healing the throat chakra also heals the heart and solar plexus because of the location of the lungs and diaphragm. Notice how you may admire people who communicate from a place of love and confidence. This is true for writers, singers and public speakers.


  • Sing!
  • Read aloud.
  • Chant mantras.
  • Listen to music. Notice the different instruments, rhythms, and/or singers.
  • Spend ten minutes in complete silence. No speaking either.

Compare the activities. Journal about your thoughts and feelings associated with the silent one versus the ones with sound. Which was easier to experience? What were the difficulties with the other? Did you notice a difference in your patience or confidence?