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Rude Awakening – Mommy

I’m a modern day witch. (Not to be confused with Wicca.) The contemporary term is eclectic witch. I honor Mother Earth, my ancestors, nature angels, and devas of plants and gemstones. I also work with the Goddess Emissaries, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, and angels. Numerology is my divination tool. I’m a healer; my main modalities are mediumship and numerology. I love incorporating everything to do chakra healing.

This was foretold during a dream I had when I was about 3-years old. But I didn’t realize it until recently.

My family and I were living in Germany at the time. In the dream there were three women, who remind me of Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, complete with the same long black hair and long-sleeved black dress sitting on the floor slouching against the kitchen cabinets…two on the left, one on the right. Their heads were hung low as if they could not handle the weight of them. Their faces were slightly yellow. They seemed in pain, but they were silent. My mom was standing further back with a bottle of Dimetapp in her hand. She poured the purple liquid onto a spoon and started to care for one of the ones on the left. Then I woke up.

I remember that dream as if I had it just a moment ago.

Our souls astral travel to different spiritual planes when we dream. We receive healings, messages, and guidance about our lives. Sometimes we heal others. I do the latter as well. I visit children in hospitals to help them cope with their illness.

Not all dreams are literal. This was a dream about me being a nurturer, healer and witch. Purple symbolizes spirituality and cosmic consciousness. In numerology, 3 is about growth, expansion and rebirth.

I have been sharing my developing spiritual abilities with my mother, but she keeps her lips pressed firmly closed, which is ironic for someone who loves to talk. She thinks of witchcraft as a bad thing.

My mom visited my dreams on a couple of occasions. These were not dreams of her, but dreams of her astral projecting into my dreams and communicating with me. She may be the reason why I can smell, hear, taste, feel emotion and physical interaction in my dreams. It wasn’t until she started visiting me that I could do these things. I needed to because she got physical with me at one point. I had to shove her off.

She once visited me in another dream and asked me about my life. The next day she called to ask the very same question. It’s as if she wanted me to know what she was capable of. I could hear the smugness in her voice. She also has a different relationship with spirit as she has been diagnosed with schizoid paranoid disorder. Many people who are like her or diagnosed with mental challenges have a strong relationship with spirit. They straddle the physical and spiritual worlds with a strong pull towards the spiritual.

Think twice before you criticize someone as ‘mental’ or ‘retarded.’ They see and hear your angels, spirit guides and Loved Ones. They see all of you. People in the spiritual community consider them to be untrained psychics.

I believe it.


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I Sometimes Argue with My Spirit Guides

Working as a team gets the job done better, but sometimes I don’t want to.

My spirit guides and angels keep telling me, “Paris, Paris, Paris. It’s your home. You need to live in the center of the city and shine your light there.” Yeah, yeah. I hear ya.

The term lightworker gets thrown around a lot. Some of us embrace the responsibility while others shun it. I do both.

Our souls chose to incarnate at this time to help people heal so than can live happier and healthier lives. We are ushering in a new age. Some of us are therapists, nurses, acupuncturists, musicians, psychic mediums, or attentive parents.

Our light is the caregiving and sharing our joy of what we love to do.

Paris is a cultural epicenter with its art, music, architecture, theater, fashion, and literature. I love Paris for that. Paris is also hard. I can tell that a large percentage of the people the city need help. I’m not going into because I want my visa approved.

I know that my lightwork is teaching through my writing and psychic mediumship readings, plus being comfortable been seen and heard. Those last two have been the hardest. I’ve been comfortable hiding.

The intention is to inspire people to live their life purpose and be comfortable with it being different from everything they thought to be true.

The argument with my spirit family is about me wanting to live in Aix-en-Provence. It’s thirty minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. The population is twenty percent of Paris’ two million and there’s more space for me to have a noise-free home with a yard to grown my own food and compost. This may seem trivial, but slow, calm and quiet excites me.

My pros and cons list leans heavily towards Aix, but Paris makes more sense because I’m an artist. I get excited when I see posters for upcoming events. It’s the same feeling I get when I think of Aix.

I was born to do a big job. I know this. I can move to Aix and make my lightwork harder. I’m working on surrendering this to the Universe so the inner turmoil disappears. I’ll visit Aix to ground and regenerate my energy.

Are you a lightworker? What are the highs and lows of your calling? How do you ground yourself and focus on your life purpose?


My Veganism Is Spiritual

Living a plant-based lifestyle saved my life

My experiences with animal-based proteins were uncomfortable. Having diarrhea from pork, constipation from beef, and being grossed out by eggs made giving them up easy. My menstrual cycle was erratic, plus I felt like I was going through a metamorphosis each time I had my period.

Salmon and dairy were the hardest to give up. Making a dill-sea salt rub for the salmon then broiling it with butter was phenomenal. I kissed myself. Cheese was a joy. Havarti, smoked gouda, brie. Blue cheese was my favorite. I ate the crumbles like popcorn. The last time I ate blue cheese had me doubled over, vomiting and battling nausea and sweating.

The biggest concern that I had was maintaining my weight as a vegan. Eating more beans, root vegetables and gluten-free grains (amaranth, teff, quinoa) helped me maintain my weight. My period was even a joy to experience.

Spirit nudged me for about two years to become a raw vegan. I was like, heck no! It was more about not enjoying sweet potato fries; warm oatmeal with raisins, almonds and maple syrup; or Indian food.

As it turns out, a raw vegan diet helps me sense Spirit stronger. My clairvoyance and clairsentience have strengthened.

Other psychic mediums have shared their diet changes and relationships with Spirit. Being grounded is important, so beans, root vegetables, nuts, and seeds are vital.

I only needed to be raw temporarily to understand how diet and spirit work together. But, Spirit wants me to be primarily raw to maintain my connection. I have to stay grounded when giving psychic mediumship readings.

Many people say they are vegan for social and environmental reasons. It was never my motivations. I do love animals. Pet sitting has been the way for me to care for them. They also ground my energy. The thought of eating them has become uncomfortable as I connect with them through caregiving. They are spirits having a physical experience just as we are.

I won’t lie. I think about eating cheese, but that incident with the blue cheese straightens me out. Plus, I’ve been linking the craving for cheese to unresolved issues with the mother. We suckle the breast for nutrition, love and warmth. Closeness. The more I practice self-care the less I think about it.

Are you vegan? Considering it? Have you considered the spiritual connection between you and food?

psychic reading

The Truth of a Psychic Mediumship Reading

A psychic mediumship reading confirmed what I had been ignoring.

In 2016, a woman, who gives psychic mediumship readings for free, felt that it was urgent that she relay a message. I allowed it and she told me that my soul was very old and that I had a big job to do. At that moment the strangers that told me the same thing many years ago started to sink in. The psychic then told me that my move to Paris, France was about letting go of my old story, telling new ones, and maturing.

I was stunned then I cried the rest of the evening. I believed her.

 For years different people, all strangers, have been telling me that I have a big job to do. I nodded in response then quickly ignored the messages. It wasn’t until I started developing my psychic abilities that I started to realize how much those messages were true.

Since being in Paris I have let go of more old behaviors and stories. My maturity is about accepting my soul mission and life purpose and realizing how it’s tied to me receiving love, abundance and prosperity. The most interesting part has been learning how to maintain my vibration so that the manifesting is continuous.

Everything I thought I knew about myself is shifting. I’m still a writer but not only of children’s stories but of children’s songs. Spirit said that I am a musician at heart. Looking back I see that it is true. I have always loved music. I was in band, mostly to avoid taking P.E., and songwriting has been an interest. Music festivals nourish me.

I did hit a slump recently, but Spirit reminded me to relax, write a song about what I want then sing it. When I did the Universe swept me up and took care of me.

And the big job that I have…it’s about me sharing who I am, allowing myself to be seen, and being comfortable with all the twists and turns my life has taken. Simple conversations with strangers turn out to be great exchanges of knowledge, culture and laughs. Because of this, people have fed me and I have stayed in hotels for free. Free!!!

I don’t know what tomorrow brings. In reality, I don’t know what tonight will bring but I know I will be taken care of.

Are you in alignment with your soul mission and life purpose? How does that look for you?


Recovering From Sugar Addiction

I’m a recovering addict.

Whenever I felt anxious, fearful, anger, unworthiness, unloved, or any kind of discomfort I anesthetized myself with white sugar. White flour was a close second.

Oatmeal crème pies, bubble gum, candy, pies, ice cream, and cookies were my drug. I used to go on binges by buying a box of my desired treat and eating it all in one sitting. After I was done I desired another box. I felt happy – temporarily.

All of those sweets, although delicious, were made with refined sugar. The more processing any food goes through the more my body had issues with it. I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t pretty.

My mom hated that my dad introduced me to chocolate. I was about 8-months old. She pushed fruit on my brother and me my entire childhood. If we were hungry she immediately would say, “Eat a piece of fruit.” She baked maybe one cake my entire childhood. And, I only remember having one for my eighth birthday. Desserts were saved for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Snacks were something I shared with my dad. I was a daddy’s girl. We shared Little Debbie trips and ate our favorite treats. I believe I have tried them all.

In my spiritual growth, I have learned that sugar addiction is associated with the solar plexus, specifically the pancreas. Our inner child craves refined sugar and flour (all purpose flour, enriched flour) as a way to sooth itself.

I have released a lot of inner child trauma over the years, but I find that I am still holding on to a few more memories that I need to let go. It is a practice.

I enjoy eating fruit more now. I am 100% certain that I’m not replacing one addiction for another. My body feels joy when I eat it. No weird body reactions occur.

I’ve had my spirit guides show up in my dreams and shake their fingers at me about getting rid of what I do not need. It’s one of those messages you can’t dispute.

So, here I am working towards complete freedom.

Someone pass me a pineapple.