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Personal Story

Manifesting Ice Cream Money

I like to write in the park when the weather is nice. This particular day the sky was clear blue and the sun was at nearly ninety degrees, which was a blessing after the days of rain and threat of more snow. Recreation Park was calling my name, so I listened. An ice cream truck pulled into one of the two parking lots as I arrived. I thought about how I loved ice cream as a kid, especially the vanilla ice cream that came in a plastic cone with a big blue piece of bubble gum at the bottom.

The picnic table where I sat was in the center of the park. The playground, carousel, swimming pool, baseball diamond, and both parking lots were visible. My favorite Hemlock tree was two feet away. It must have been someone else’s favorite tree too because a strand of Christmas lights hung from it.

At some point, I saw a young black girl, maybe twelve-years old, tall, thin, with Afro puffs on either side of her head, wearing a black T-shirt, denim shorts, and an indigo blue watch. She caught my eye earlier when she first walked to the park before disappearing behind the playground several yards in front of me. As she walked across the park, I noticed that she was headed in my direction. I thought she was going to pass by and continue moving. She didn’t – she sat at the table with me.

Strangers used to talk to me and share their sorrows then walk away. I later learned that I wasn’t protecting my energy. This crossed my mind as the young girl sat and let out a huff of frustration. I looked at her, smiled to raise my vibration then said hello. She responded in kind. The empath in me needed to know why she was sad. “I lost my ice cream money,” she said. I suggested that she retrace her steps and recheck her pockets, which she did earlier to no avail. The girl’s sulking and huffing continued.

There was a lesson for me to learn, so I waited for the defining moment. “The money will turn up, relax and breath, you’ll find it,” I told her then visualized the money appearing in her pocket. She smiled then walked away. Before I could assess the experience I heard, “I found it!” I turned to see her smiling with the dollar in her hand. “It was right here,” pointing at the ground maybe two yards away, nowhere near the spot where she first entered the park. Spirit moved that money so she would find it.

Personal Story

Transitioning From Academic to Spiritual Teacher

I’m making a transition from academia to spiritual teacher. Teaching has always been something that I loved, but I only thought of it in terms of academia.

Learning is fun, and I plan to do it for the rest of my life. Academia has had its highs. My training as an anthropologist was the most fun. The late Dr. Larry Naylor started the program from which I graduated. His mission was to create a department that was like family. He did exactly that – faculty, staff and students ate lunch and dinner together. And we went to the same clubs. Anthropologists are a wild bunch.

Although I enjoyed some of my experiences as an academic, I also found being in the classroom uneasy. The reality is that I was feeling everyone’s anxiety. I can ground, shield and clear my energy, but putting on a suit of armor every morning is bothersome.

I was drawn to energy healing when my long-time friend Drew mentioned the book, Hands of Light. I could clearly see the book in my 3rd Eye. At some point afterwards I learned about reiki and felt an uncontrollable, yet pleasing, pull towards it.

The last six years has been a process of learning about and practicing meditation, psychic development, reiki, and other healing modalities. The angels remind me often to share my passions. I love energy healing. I started teaching reiki last year after the Pleidians visited me in a dream. There has been a pattern to the types of people I teach.

  • Birth parents and mothers.
  • People who love children.
  • LGBTQIA + community.
  • People of Color.
  • Energy healers, spiritual teachers, and creative entrepreneurs.

Basically, these people are a reflection of me. (I’m kid-free but love children.) I have learned a lot about myself as I teach someone new.

I foresee a mass exodus in the academy. There are many students who turn to art and energy healing to balance their lives. Maybe some will turn academia on its head and start teaching or insisting on an integration of mind and spirit. I know of a few PhD’s who left the ivory tower to become spiritual teachers and never looked back.

My spirit family has been helping me to let go of what does not serve me so that I live happy as a spiritual teacher. I can say that teaching energy healing is a lot more fun. I’m not turning back.
Personal Story

Integrating Energy From My Past Lives Into This One

I can feel energy shifts on the planet, as well as my own. It is similar to feeling the temperature change, except I can feel the shift throughout my body.

My angels and spirit guides often whisper, “past life regression” whenever the shift is about me. I get a dozen ideas with each shift and want to act on each one. I become unbalanced because I’m not processing this energy through my heart. Raising my vibration by dancing and singing is the usual guidance to help this along.

For the last four years, my angels and guides have been nudging me to change my diet to raw vegan. I resisted until a month ago. Eating raw, whole foods has been grounding. My dreams are less crazy. As a result, I see more orbs, channel more beings, and my healing abilities have expanded.

I lived as a monk in China during a past life. I’m integrating the energy into this life because I decided to be a spiritual teacher in this one. Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path helped me let go of fear. Spirit has been nudging me to create a sangha – a spiritual community of like-minded people relaxing, having fun, and exchanging ideas – in France. (There’s a story there. I’ll tell it soon.)

Today, White Tara told me that it is time for the people to prepare for the merging of the physical and spiritual worlds. We’ll need to let go of old ideas about life to help this along.

There have been energy shifts every day, sometimes multiple ones. I know they will continue throughout the year and become more intense this fall. My soul is old. I may be living on love and light by September.

Personal Story

Seeing Spirits With My Physical Eyes

I have seen spirits with my physical eyes three times. Each one was an older man who came to me in the evening. The visit that stands out the most happened around 2003.

My roommate (we’ll call her Sally) had odd experiences with water. Whenever Sally washed clothes she would go back and find the lid opened; the bathtub faucet leaked when she was home alone; and she woke up to find the cup of water by her bed empty in the morning. Sally toiled over this for days.

Spirits, psychic abilities, and paranormal phenomenon weren’t on my radar then, so I didn’t put much thought into it.

One evening I woke up and saw an older white male standing in my bedroom doorway. He was standing at about 5’10”, thin, wearing an orange polo shirt, khaki shorts, white tube socks and sneakers, and a baseball cap. I felt neutral about his presence, so I went back to sleep. (I felt this neutral about the other two visits in my life.)

The next morning my roommate asked me if I had left the kitchen light on. I said no then realized that the man turned on the kitchen light and opened the door. I got excited. Sally was amused. We told our landlord about the visit and wondered if anyone had died in the building. Nope!

I was still excited and shared with friends. One thought the visit was creepy. Another could sense the man’s energy and wanted to leave.

My attitude didn’t change. I named the man Bo and started leaving glasses of water for him in the kitchen. He didn’t touch it, so I started leaving beer. Still nothing. But, I did start calling the man Scott. I must have heard him correct me. In my excitement, I started leaving his name on altars during Dia de los Muertos.

I now understand that Scott was an earth-bound spirit trying to get Sally’s attention. Water symbolizes emotions and intuition. It’s also related to the sacral chakra. In one of our many conversations, Sally mentioned perfectionism being one of her big issues. We last spoke around 2010; she was still dealing with perfectionism.

This has been my issue as well, but it’s usually the angels telling me to cut loose and have fun. I feel that this memory of Scott is a reminder to take it easy.

And, with that, I’m headed to the park to do cartwheels.

Personal Story

Sharing The Love

I spent the day handing out rose quartz and leaving them in random places the day before the 2016 U.S. presidential election. I called it my “sharing the love” day. I had a lot of fun doing it.

I was inspired by the story in Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes of Jesus infusing random stones his energy. He left them behind for others to find so they would feel the love in his heart.

Keara Mitchell was a nineteen-year old woman who transitioned into the spirit world from Lyme’s dis-ease. She loved to travel and wanted to go New Zealand. I was inspired by her story, too.

i feel a closeness to your soul
when i gaze at your unfamiliar face

you shed your body
to travel freely
to inspire others
to shed their inhibitions

the rose quartz i carry
in your honor
pours love into my every cell

every step i take
i do with you
leaving impressions of freedom

Her brother left a basket of rose quartz at her favorite store for people to take and leave wherever they traveled.

Her story is a reminder to be free, love ourselves deeply, and share that love with others. I’m doing the same as I prepare to move to France.