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Personal Story

Seeing Spirits With My Physical Eyes

I have seen spirits with my physical eyes three times. Each one was an older man who came to me in the evening. The visit that stands out the most happened around 2003.

My roommate (we’ll call her Sally) had odd experiences with water. Whenever Sally washed clothes she would go back and find the lid opened; the bathtub faucet leaked when she was home alone; and she woke up to find the cup of water by her bed empty in the morning. Sally toiled over this for days.

Spirits, psychic abilities, and paranormal phenomenon weren’t on my radar then, so I didn’t put much thought into it.

One evening I woke up and saw an older white male standing in my bedroom doorway. He was standing at about 5’10”, thin, wearing an orange polo shirt, khaki shorts, white tube socks and sneakers, and a baseball cap. I felt neutral about his presence, so I went back to sleep. (I felt this neutral about the other two visits in my life.)

The next morning my roommate asked me if I had left the kitchen light on. I said no then realized that the man turned on the kitchen light and opened the door. I got excited. Sally was amused. We told our landlord about the visit and wondered if anyone had died in the building. Nope!

I was still excited and shared with friends. One thought the visit was creepy. Another could sense the man’s energy and wanted to leave.

My attitude didn’t change. I named the man Bo and started leaving glasses of water for him in the kitchen. He didn’t touch it, so I started leaving beer. Still nothing. But, I did start calling the man Scott. I must have heard him correct me. In my excitement, I started leaving his name on altars during Dia de los Muertos.

I now understand that Scott was an earth-bound spirit trying to get Sally’s attention. Water symbolizes emotions and intuition. It’s also related to the sacral chakra. In one of our many conversations, Sally mentioned perfectionism being one of her big issues. We last spoke around 2010; she was still dealing with perfectionism.

This has been my issue as well, but it’s usually the angels telling me to cut loose and have fun. I feel that this memory of Scott is a reminder to take it easy.

And, with that, I’m headed to the park to do cartwheels.

Personal Story

Sharing The Love

I spent the day handing out rose quartz and leaving them in random places the day before the 2016 U.S. presidential election. I called it my “sharing the love” day. I had a lot of fun doing it.

I was inspired by the story in Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes of Jesus infusing random stones his energy. He left them behind for others to find so they would feel the love in his heart.

Keara Mitchell was a nineteen-year old woman who transitioned into the spirit world from Lyme’s dis-ease. She loved to travel and wanted to go New Zealand. I was inspired by her story, too.

i feel a closeness to your soul
when i gaze at your unfamiliar face

you shed your body
to travel freely
to inspire others
to shed their inhibitions

the rose quartz i carry
in your honor
pours love into my every cell

every step i take
i do with you
leaving impressions of freedom

Her brother left a basket of rose quartz at her favorite store for people to take and leave wherever they traveled.

Her story is a reminder to be free, love ourselves deeply, and share that love with others. I’m doing the same as I prepare to move to France.

Personal Story

My Spiritual Practice Is Taking Me Around the World

My spiritual practice is in alignment with Pantajali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. There is no ism because it is a daily practice. Every day is different, and there is no right or wrong way to practice.

I had a difficult time going to church when I was a child. I was forced. A bus picked up kids on the Army base where I lived every Sunday morning and took us to a non-denominational children’s church twenty minutes away. No one attending the services seemed to question what we were taught. After a couple of weeks, I told my mom that I was no longer going to church.

I was done with church, but I still held an interest in Jesus. Buddha then came into my life around the same time.

The ascended masters were determined to teach me something.

About three years ago, Mother Mary and the angels came to me while I attended a 10-day vipassana meditation course. They wanted me to know they were always with me. Yoga (the asanas) and meditation is a big part of my practice because of the angels.

Yoga and meditation grounds me and connects me to the spirit world. Different spirits like to visit me when I’m in a twisting pose. Andy Gibb visited me during a Reclining Twist. He reminded me that part of my life’s purpose includes travel to Australia. (Thanks Andy!) This had come up in a reading from someone a year before. Interestingly enough, I wanted to visit when I was a child.

I’m setting an intention to travel the world to write, draw cartoons, do yoga, meditate, and share messages from Spirit. The angels and ascended masters co-signed this mission.

It was Archangel Gabriel who helped me with my tagline: having fun awakening to Spirit. And, I definitely am.

Personal Story

My Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Story

My spiritual awakening happened around 2008, when I learned that I was an empath. I learned that a lot of the thoughts and feelings that I experienced were not my own. This taught me to ground, shield and clear my energy every day.

Life was peaceful and mundane as I ascended. I questioned who I was, what I believed, and how I wanted to live my life with no bumps or bruises. Then I had my first reiki attunement in 2014. Everything changed. My ascension sped up.

As my mind shifted, so did my body. I became vegan, lost weight and a bra size, and started enjoying New York winters. I grew up in Texas where all three of those things are outlawed.

Reiki strengthened my intuition and experiences with the spirit world. Some have been odd and still happens.

  • I was given specific dates about when my life would change dramatically.
  • Relatives in spirit visited people months before I met them.
  • Celebrities – alive and not so alive – came to me in dreams for help, to let me know they were crossing over, or to tease me.
  • I learned how my energy healing abilities would expand before meeting new clients.
  • I started working with faeries (nature angels) to clean up areas with a history of trauma.
  • I heard and saw angel numbers everywhere.

I had to stop watching the news and delete my Facebook account because the fear in the collective consciousness felt like nausea before throwing up.

Today, I ask the angels what I need to know rather than tune into the energy of the collective, or turn on the news. But I do peek occasionally. I transitioned from one-on-one healing to distance energy healing to help more people.

Letting go of control has been my biggest and hardest lesson. I was scared of an outcome I did not design. I went to France when I let go of fear. Being in Paris was grounding and blissful.

Ascension is an ongoing process. I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I know that the angels are taking care of me.

Personal Story

Crying Someone Else’s Tears

Being an empath was difficult at first because I didn’t know I was one. I cried a lot, thinking I was over emotional.

In 2009, while working a freelance gig in Manhattan, I started feeling upset like I was in the middle of an argument. Moments later I heard arguments (in my head). I asked why I was feeling this way then started to have visions of a woman I knew casually involved in the squabble with another woman. Being ungrounded and not having healthy boundaries led me down a rabbit hole. I learned that the two women were fighting over a man, who I also knew.

I was distracted for an hour by this fiasco.

Empaths (and highly sensitive people) have a sensitive central nervous system, which is responsible for receiving information outside and inside the body. This includes the brain, spinal cord, optic and olfactory nerves, all nerve endings in the body and the gastrointestinal digestive system.

Empaths receive information from everything and everyone around them. They are also affected by what they eat, drink and put on their skin.

Grounding and shielding is vital for empaths. It protects their mind, body and spirit. There are practical ways to ground and shield.

  • Releasing people, food and behaviors that deplete or scatter energy
  • Grounding and shielding using visualization or calling on Archangel Michael for protection
  • Yoga, chanting and meditation
  • Dancing
  • Spending time outdoors, especially in parks and near water
  • Self-reiki
  • Eating root vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds

I use all the methods above. The energy of a client, their spirit family and all the emotions that come with an intuitive reading can be overwhelming. Grounding and shielding my energy means I am taking care of myself so I have the strength to help my clients.

I no longer cry other people’s tears, but I’ve come close because I understood the suffering at hand. Calling on the angels to help me raise my vibration comes in handy.

Accepting being an empath took time. I spend more time having fun because there are no longer any rabbit holes to trip me up.