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Angelic Life Coaching
Angel Healing

What Is Angelic Life Coaching and How Does It Work?

Are you curious about your life purpose and want assistance from your angelic team?

Angelic life coaching is life coaching specific to your life purpose – the reason you are on earth in this lifetime. Guardian angels and the archangels clear energy blocks and provide messages to guide you towards your life purpose.

Guardian angels protect your soul and physical body while you are on earth. They also guide you to make changes in lifestyle so you receive their messages with clarity.

  • Diet changes.
  • Guiding you towards or away people and/or social events.
  • Meditation, prayer, and rest.

The archangels play a pivotal role in your life purpose because each one has a specific task.

  • Archangel Michael – cutting cords between you and unhealthy relationships, clearing the path so you can take the next steps with ease.
  • Archangel Gabrielle – writing (email, letters, books); caring for biological and non-biological children.
  • Archangel Raphael – healing arts, such as reiki, reflexology, massage, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Western medicine, and therapy.
  • Archangel Jophiel – creative expression: filmmaking, landscape design, painting, drawing, cooking and baking, sculpture.
  • Archangel Sandalphon – singing, writing music and lyrics, playing instruments.

Everyone has a different life purpose, regardless of familial relations. The common underlying factor is self-love and living one’s joy, which is how abundance expands.

Angelic life coaching is different from traditional life coaching because it requires less time. The angels share why you incarnated and how to manifest your heart’s desires so you can enjoy your journey. They heal energy blocks – fear – so you make choices with an open heart and mind.

There are multiple ways to approach your life purpose. Angelic life coaching is one that can help you move towards the path that is the most fun.



Angel Healing

Introducing the Archangels of Harmony and Protection

I work with Archangels Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael every day. I call them the Archangels of Harmony and Protection. I find it helpful to work with them because of the energy shifts – astrological, political and social – we are experiencing.

Here are three ways you can work with the Archangels of Harmony and Protection.

In the morning: Dear Archangels of Harmony and Protection, please help me to be grounded, healthy, safe and wise throughout the day. Thank you

In the evening: Dear Archangels of Harmony and Protection, please clear my mind and body of all energy that does not serve my highest good. Thank you.

And, individually:

  • Dear Archangel Uriel, please ground my energy to the earth as I connect to Spirit.
  • Dear Archangel Michael, please protect me from energy that is not love.
  • Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me to be wise, creative and intuitive today.
  • Dear Archangel Raphael, please help me maintain a healthy mind and body.

Whenever you find yourself feeling uneasy, call on the Archangels of Harmony and Protection to improve your well-being. They will enfold you in their energy immediately.

Angel Healing

Guardian Angels Protect Your Life Purpose

You have angels, archangels, and guardian angels assigned to you when you incarnate. Your guardian angels protect your mind, body and soul as you work on your life purpose.

There are two types of guardian angels – ashers and silver cord technicians. The number of guardian angels depends on the age of your soul and life purpose. Some people have one guardian angel, while others have two or more. One guardian angel can serve as both asher and silver cord technician.

My soul is old, so I have two ashers and one silver cord technician.

The asher guardian angel protects your physical body from harm. It also helps you make healthy choices about diet, exercise, rest, and play. The goal is to keep your vibration high so that you are open to intuitive messages about steps to take on your life path.

Your soul is tethered to your body by a silver cord. Another person or spirit can never sever that cord. The silver cord technician ensures that. When you astral travel during sleep (even naps!) or meditations, your silver cord technician is there protecting it. The cord is only severed when you have completed your life purpose.

Your asher and silver cord technician also work together to nudge you along your life path. They enfold you in their energy every moment of the day to love, protect, and support you on your life path.

Meditation is an effective way to meet your guardian angels.

  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
  • Say silently or aloud, “How many guardian angels do I have?” You may see, hear or feel the response.
  • Follow up with, “How many ashers do I have?” then “How many silver cord technicians do I have?” Again, you will see, hear or feel the response.

After meet your guardian angels, ask them to give you clear messages about your life purpose. They love to help you.

Angel Healing

Archangel Gabriel: Angel of Creativity, Intuition and Communication

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of the Divine Mother Goddess-Father God. All angels are androgynous, but Gabriel presents as feminine energy. Her energy looks cobalt blue and feels like cool water. She may appear in dreams, visions during meditations, while near running water, or in an email message.

Archangel Gabriel is associated with the sacral chakra. We can call on her about anything related to creativity, sexuality, fertility, pleasure, feelings and clairsentient abilities. She is a favorite among writers, visual artists, psychics and parents.

            Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me write my next novel.
            Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me strengthen my clairsentience.
            Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me conceive my next child.

When our sacral chakra is imbalanced we may experience the following:

  • Being over-sexual or no sexual desire
  • Anxiety or acting over-zealous
  • Addictive behaviors like over-eating, consuming drugs and alcohol, or retail therapy
  • Inability to express feelings
  • Lack of creativity or using creative energy to lie and manipulate others
  • Infertility

In these cases, we can call on Archangel Gabriel to clear our sacral chakra.

            Dear Archangel Gabriel, please clear the energy blocks in my sacral chakra.
            Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me release my addictive behavior.
            Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me to be comfortable with my sexuality.
            Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me to express myself in healthy ways.

We are all creative beings wanting to communicate the best parts of ourselves. Calling on Archangel Gabriel is a step in helping us bring our true desires forward.

Angel Healing

Angel Healing and Astrology

We are sensitive to astrological changes on various levels. Our emotions change with the phases of the moon as well as which signs it passes through. Women’s menstrual cycle is governed by the lunar cycle.

Angels rule the sun, moon and particular planets and astrological signs. You can call on all the angels or ones specific to the signs in your natal chart for healing. Below is simple list to get you started.

Mars – Aries
Basic traits: energy and initiative. Rules the 1st House (ascendant): ego, identity and soul purpose.

Archangel Camael rules Mars and gives you to the courage to believe in yourself. Archangel Machidiel rules Aries and aids in self-confidence.

Venus – Taurus
Basic traits: reliability and persistence. Rules the 2nd House: self-worth, finances and wealth.

Archangel Haniel rules Venus. She helps with intuition and bringing love into relationships. Angel Tual rules Taurus. Work with her to learn how to practice patience.

Mercury – Gemini
Basic traits: versatility and curiosity. Rules the 3rd House: communication.

Archangel Michael rules Mercury. Call on him for protection and strengthening your communication skills. Angel Ambriel, ruler of Gemini, stabilizes the air energy so that you are flexible as life changes.

Moon – Cancer
Basic traits: intuition and sympathy. Rules the 4th House (Imum Coeli): home and family.

Archangel Gabriel rules the moon. She helps you develop your intuition and communication skills, which is great for writers and public speakers. Angel Muriel rules Cancer and gives you the courage to speak your truth.

Sun – Leo
Basic traits: confidence and self-expression. Rules the 5th House: creativity and sexuality.

Archangel Raphael rules the sun. He helps you develop your healing abilities, capacity for love, and protects you when traveling. Angel Verchiel, ruler of Leo, heals your self-worth and using your creative energy from a heart-centered perspective.

Mercury – Virgo
Basic traits: analysis and perfectionism. Rules the 6th House: health and service.

Archangel Michael appears again as ruler of Mercury. He helps you share your truth. Angel Hamaliel rules Virgo and helps them to be aware of details.

Venus – Libra
Basic traits: balance and harmony. Rules the 7th House (descendent): partnerships – platonic, romantic and business.

Venus is blessed with Archangel Haniel’s energy once again. Call on her to balance your self-love with the love of others. She works with angel Zuriel, ruler of Libra, for balancing life with love and beauty.

Pluto – Scorpio
Basic traits: passion and intensity. Rules the 8th House: support from others, transformation.

Pluto is ruled by Archangel Ariel. Her energy is also connected to Mother Earth. She expands your spirituality and helps you manifest abundance. Archangel Barakiel rules Scorpio. Call on him to focus your energy on your life purpose. He will help you release what does not serve you.

Jupiter – Sagittarius
Basic traits: adventure and independence. Rules the 9th House: wisdom, intelligence, connection with the Divine

Archangel Zadkiel rules Jupiter. He will help you manifest abundance and move forward with your life that is in alignment with your soul. Angel Adnachiel rules Sagittarius to help expand your personal vision.

Saturn – Capricorn
Basic traits: ambition and organization. Rules the 10th House (Medium Coeli/Midheaven): public life, fame.

Archangel Cassiel is ruler of Saturn. He brings harmony to your organization skills. Angel Nadiel rules Capricorn help you organize and be maintain stability.

Uranus – Aquarius
Basic traits: originality and vision. Rules the 11th House: friends, organizations, social groups.

Archangel Uriel rules Uranus to help you be grounded. Angel Cambiel rules Aquarius to help you believe in your unique personality and ideas.

Neptune – Pisces
Basic traits: sensitivity and faith. Rules the 12th House: shadow self, karma, hidden secrets.

Angel Phuel rules Neptune to give you more faith in your intuition, to let go of ego so you can flow with the energy. Archangel Barakiel rules Pisces to heal indecision.

Life Purpose Angel Healing
Archangel Barakiel is connected to the sacral chakra, which governs our creativity and intuition. Archangel Machidiel governs our solar plexus, the area of our will power and confidence. Together they heal you to have strength to put your ideas into action. They are wonderful to work with when you have a laundry list of ideas but don’t know where to start. These angels will help you reduce that list and focus on what will bring you the most abundance.

Dear Archangels Barakiel and Machidiel, please help me let go of what no longer serves me so I can focus on what is truly important. Thank you.

Love Angel Healing
Dear Archangels Raphael and Haniel, please heal my heart and help me release old behaviors so that I can attract a romantic partner who is compatible with my soul.