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Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast for 2018

It’s a new calendar year. The universal vibration for 2018 is 2. (2+0+1+8 = 11/2) Two carries feminine energy; this year is about receptivity, balance, cooperation, and wisdom.

Although 1 January is the beginning, the energy of the two began in the fall of 2017 around the autumn equinox on 22 September. We can reap what we sowed in 2017.

Archangel Gabriel has the following message:

Take heed this time to relax into feminine energy, to receive guidance from your Higher Self, the angels, and your spirit guides.

Your inner wisdom comes from lifetimes of reincarnation on this planet. It comes to you in dreams, meditations, and times of play and relaxation. Stress hinders this process.

Balance comes in many forms: eating food that makes you feel vibrant; drinking plenty of clean water; doing yoga and dancing; saying no to things and people that do not nurture your values; and standing in your Truth.

Some of you felt the shift last year internally of your psychic abilities growing, your temper quieting, communities shifting, and your beliefs changing. This will continue. Allow it to do so.

In this year, you will do much of the same but in a more relaxed mode. Take heed that this is a time to receive a bounty of love, joy and prosperity. Many of you worked hard, perhaps too hard, getting your life in order. We angels thank you for stepping up to save yourselves and others from a life of suffering.

This year will be fruitful in ways you cannot imagine. Staying in a mode of receptivity is easy through joy. Spend time with friends and family, plants and animals, and have lots of solitary time.

We angels will not make predictions for the future of 2018, but will say that this year will be turbulent for some, peaceful for others. Send love to all, more to those who suffer. May they find peace when they turn inwards. Do not rush anyone towards inner peace, only observe, send love, and be the light that you are.

Peace be upon you all in this new year.


Archangel Gabriel



Energy Forecast

New Moon Forecast for 19 September 2017

The new moon rises in Virgo on 19 September 2017 at 10:30PM PST/ 4:30AM CET. The energy for this moon, as all new moons, is about new beginnings but the Virgo sun and new moon will ask us to sort out what we do not need and keep what we want to nurture.

The moon will trine Pluto, square Saturn, and the sun will conjunct the moon. Our souls will ask us to go inside and share emotions that can bring about radical change in our external world. The challenge is balancing logic and intuition to make these changes.

The vibration for the new moon, as well as the week, is an 11. I did not reduce this to a 2 because new moons are meant for manifesting new endeavors. An 11 vibration calls for the same. In short, this is an auspicious week. The autumn equinox is also on 22 September, which is a time to slow down a bit from the creative activity of summer and celebrate our harvest.

Show gratitude for all that you created the entire week. Allow the energy to build up through the weekend. This will help move the 21 August eclipse energy along, which takes us into spring 2018.  

Afterwards, slow down and manifest in alignment with the earth. She’s slowing down, preparing for the harsh winter that is ahead of us. Focus on your breath and it will synch with the earth. Feel the sun and moon rise and set. Have faith about what you want to manifest will materialize. This too will allow you to discern low and high vibrations.

We are being prepared for the long season, through the year 2020, of the Divine Feminine. This is a time to relax, create, rely on intuition, and receive what our hearts desire rather than chase after it.

Goddess Athena is the tarot associated with this time. Her wisdom came from within, as she relied on the knowledge that was already inside her. Turning inward is how we receive guidance about the logical and spiritual steps to take to manifest love, abundance and prosperity.

Overall, the week of the new moon and autumn equinox is a time to manifest what you truly want in life. Focus only on what you want. Visualize it, affirm it, or create a vision board. Know that it is yours.

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Energy Forecast

Re-Birth Into Your True Self

The energy for April 2017 is about re-birth, letting go of the old energy – the old you – and being reborn into your authentic self.

We are asked to step away from fear and take a leap of faith with the knowing that our every need will be provided. No more holding on to ‘what was.’ This is no longer valid. As we see in the world all institutions are being questioned and slowly being dismantled. We must pull away from a crumbling foundation. These foundations were built on lies to begin with.

Lies we’ve been telling ourselves will come to the surface and slap us in the face. All that. Be grateful for the awareness it brings, as it will show us where your energy has been blocked. Let go and manifest a new life with faith and love. Let go of expectations, because when we do, we will live a more free life.

Manifesting from a place of love only creates love, abundance and prosperity. Look at what you have been resisting. That’s where you take the plunge and say YES! Expansion of ourselves touches more lives in this way. It’s a domino effect – our love touches another and inspires them to do the same.

April has a five vibration – change, but it is different. This is a transformation into the light. We have been in darkness for centuries. Gaia is ascending and is asking us to come along. This only works when we are grounded in love.

As we love ourselves and emerge from darkness we see the world differently because we are different. There is joy in this; turning back to suffering is difficult. No one turns away from love when they love themselves.

Allow this change to happen. Allow the light that is emerging to penetrate your every cell. Step over the threshold into your loving, authentic self. Be the love we desperately need in this world. Share it with your family, friends and strangers. Reach out beyond your comfort zone and start living as you intended before you incarnated. There is no room to act small. Small never led you anywhere. Why stay there when you know there’s more to life.

Find that creative outlet that helps you to be free; take comfort in it more often. It will lead you to the light within. It will permeate until you are only light.

Meditate, sit with spirit and allow it to enfold you. When you do, it will take you to the depths of your being. It will lead you to love.

April’s energy is riding in on the March 27th new moon in Aries. It’s fast, fierce and wanting to connect with others. Let go and let it move you forward.

Channeling Higher Self