The Beauty of Winter

OuthouseWinter is my cocooning season. I spend time thinking, working through ideas, projects, and future goals for the upcoming year. I also let a lot of stuff go. I feel that this winter has allowed me to release a lot of what I don’t need in my life so that I can move forward.

I’ve been living off-grid on and off in upstate New York since January 2015. I started out house sitting, caring for chickens, dogs, and a few other family pets. Gathering wood for the two wood burning stoves, gathering eggs, using an outhouse, and depending on the sun and moon for light puts a lot into perspective. It’s hard work, but there is so much beauty in living off the land.

There have been moments where I left the door of the outhouse open so I could look past the hemlock branches and gaze upon the frozen lake. A few trips in the middle of the night had me in awe, stopping to gaze at the millions of stars. Of course, the below freezing temperatures didn’t leave me taking in the beauty too long.

I made a decision years ago to live a simple life and started  a process of donating, recycling or throwing out what I didn’t need. But these past few months have given me more perspective about what I truly need. I thought I would yearn for my apartment, but I didn’t. I had everything that I needed with me. It didn’t hurt that I carried my spice cabinet around in a backpack. Cooking is one of my favorite ways to connect with spirit.

All of this has been a process of allowing me to be guided towards wonderful people and opportunities. I’m happy to see the snow melt and put away the heavy sweaters. Spring is a day away and I’m looking forward to the upcoming months.


The numerology vibration for today is 3. The attributes are manifesting, creativity, communication, and connections to the Higher Self and/or Ascended Masters. You may sense guidance to expand on or shift your perspective for the greater good of all beings.

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  • Reply Your brother 19 Mar ’15 at 7:30 PM

    your living a life that I think is pretty awesome. As an outdoorsman in the city I could only imagine how much peace you feel connected to the natural sounds of nature.

    • Reply pobrown 25 Mar ’15 at 4:05 PM

      It has been nice hearing the different birds, smelling the fresh air, and seeing all the lush green.

  • Reply Myra 23 Mar ’15 at 7:31 AM

    A peaceful read, thank you. I shared with friends on fb. They shared forward with the words, “Read this.” Look forward to reading more.

    • Reply pobrown 25 Mar ’15 at 4:06 PM

      Thank you. Check in every Thursday morning.

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