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Overcoming Fear Through Meditation

Four years ago I conquered my fear of snakes during my first 10-day vipassana meditation course. By the fourth day I had worked my way nicely towards focusing my breath just above my lips just as we were instructed. My mind was still then…bang! I saw a visual of a bunch of snakes coiled together, moving about. I thought they were coming for me. I felt myself stiffen. I held my breath and panicked. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to abandon the meditation and open my eyes to the dim meditation room or continue to allow myself to have the fearful experience. I chose to allow the snake attack to continue. The less I fought the less fear I felt.

Meditation allowed me to focus better and strengthen my concentration.  I was able to transfer that into my daily life moment to moment, which is referred to as mindfulness. With a daily meditation practice I was given the space to work through fear, anxiety, and other inner child issues. Vipassana (Pali for insight) is the type of meditation sometimes referred to as an active or scanning technique where you scan your body in different directions. It allows you to experience whatever comes up with a calm awareness then let it go with the same consciousness.

Last year I had the urge to go to the local shopping mall. (It’s not my regular stomping ground.) It happened to be around Easter. The theme throughout the mall was Farm Days. Local farmers brought in their chickens, sheep, pigs, and other animals for children to pet. In the mix was a man with a large boa constrictor around his neck. I stopped, looked with curiosity then stepped in to pet the snake. Its skin was a combination of smooth and textured. I felt calm, relaxed and breathed easily. I walked away happy and a bit excited. Maybe too excited because I started considering keeping a snake as a pet.

Meditation takes time, intention and commitment. The results are life changing. I’ve shifted into thinking of snakes as beautiful, admiring their color and skin patterns. I see them as symbolic of life in transition and representative of kundalini energy. When I dream of snakes I understand the message and I’m able to see where my life has changed. I welcome the new direction and possibilities it brings.


The numerology vibration for today is 1. The attributes are new beginnings, ideas and projects. Yang energy is pushing through. Connect to your heart center and allow your intuition to guide you about how to move forward.

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