The 9 Choirs of the Angelic Realm

The angelic realm consists of nine choirs of angels arranged in a three-triad hierarchy.

First Triad

Seraphim – closest to Source and are made of pure light.

Cherubim – this second choir is made of pure love.

Thrones – made of pure humility and are managers of the angels. They are the ‘mediators’ between the spiritual and material world.

Second Triad

Dominions – managers of the angels that fall into the hierarchy below them.

Virtues – control all the elements, including the planets, moon, stars, and sun. They are also in charge of miracles.

Powers – defenders of the cosmos.

Third Triad

Principalities – watch over all cities and nations on earth.

Archangels –Each archangel is an aspect and chief messenger of Source, overseeing the well-being of all living beings on earth. They also protect the guardian angels. Nature angels, or elementals – gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, and undines – live on earth and are protected by Archangel Ariel.

Guardian Angels – these are our personal guardian angels that have been with us since we were born (possibly when we were conceived) and are with us until we transcend our physical bodies.

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Nature Angles

Earth – commonly known as gnomes or earth spirits who live amongst the trees, rocks, and other plants. They also include dwarves, brownies, elves, and satyrs.

Air – sylphs are connected to your consciousness. Sylphs are the ones inspiring your creative ideas and carrying messages to you from the spirit world.

Fire – sometimes appearing as salamanders or dragons. They help awaken the kundalini, provide creativity, symbolize fertility and rebirth, and remind people to live through their passions.

Water – known as undines or mermaids who can be found around rivers, streams, oceans, and waterfalls.

Nature angels are friendly, but are cautious of humans. Honor elementals by recycling, composting, picking up trash, gardening, incorporating permaculture into your lawn, keeping your houseplants healthy, and spending time being happy. They are attracted to happiness.

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