Throat chakra
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Throat Chakra: Communication



Communication | I speak | I hear



Aspects: creativity, listening, speaking the truth

Anatomy: throat, neck, thyroid, ears, sinus

Balanced: breaths freely, communicates clearly, listens actively, expresses self creatively, clairaudient

Imbalanced: hesitates to speak up, stifled creativity, issues with throat chakra anatomy


Spiritual Correspondences

Element: Sound

Deities: Mercury, Archangel Michael, Ascended Master El Morya

Archetype: Artist

Gemstones: lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, sapphire

Healing Practices

Food: fruit

Herbs: chamomile

Scents: frankincense, chamomile

Sounds: HAM (Hahm), G note, 741 Hz solfeggio

Bodywork: singing, chanting, storytelling, being silent

Emotional: journaling, psychotherapy related to issues of suppressed communication, creativity, lies

Affirmation: I AM creative; I know my truth and I share it


Earth’s Throat Chakra

Great Pyramids near Mt. Sanai and Mt. Olives in the Middle East

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