New Moon Numerology for July 2015

The new moon is the time to start anew. Think about what you want to welcome into your life. Cultivate the feelings of happiness and gratitude so that your thoughts have more energy.

We create out realities through our thoughts, actions, and associations with people. Spend time during the new moon meditating to clear your mind, saying affirmations, daydreaming about your goals, or creating vision boards or alchemy boxes. This intentionally shifts our conscious and subconscious minds.

This year is an 8 year (2+0+1 +5), which brings about abundance, rewards and power. July is a 6 month, bringing us love and faith and shifts in our material world. July’s new moon on Wednesday, July 15th is a 3 day – manifesting, growth, fertility, connections, and expansion.

This is a good time to build on the energy of the 8 year and 6 month for this new moon by asking for our self-love to strengthen so that we can share it with others in healthy ways. We attract who we are. Feeling comfortable in our own skin, taking time to relax, exercise, and have fun makes a difference in our social circles however big or small.

Feelings of traveling, relocating, or changing careers may be strong. Be intentional and direct those feelings wherever you want to be –Thailand, New York City, the quiet countryside, a new position, or in charge of your own company. Ask for blessings of abundance, people and resources to help you move forward.

Again, it’s no incidence that the 6 is both about love and the material world. Being balanced is key to attracting relationships that are healthier and opportunities that bring more abundance. Our spirit guides take notice of what we want and the energy we put behind it. Spend time working towards your goal. Research the destination and events in the area, find moving companies and get estimates, take a class on starting a small business, take a daily walk, drink more water.

Love and abundance are connected. Utilize the 3 energy of this full moon by taking care of yourself. Set an intention for what you want and act upon it. Manifest from within.

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