Blue Moon Numerology for July 2015

We welcomed July 2015 with a full moon on July 1st and will be closing out the month with one as well on July 31st. This second moon is a Blue Moon. It has a 10 vibration, which is very powerful.

The full moon ripens the work started during the new moon. If you devoted time to taking care of yourself then the full moon will help you attract what you are. Like attracts like. If you love and trust yourself then others will too.

New ideas or projects started during the new moon will blossom during the full moon based on the intention and action put into them. All of the workshops and networking meet-ups you have been involved in will pay off.

The Powerful 10 Vibration

The number 10 is a combination of new beginnings and creativity (1) and inner wisdom and Universal energy (0). This is a number for manifesting abundance in all areas of your life based on listening to your intuition.

Opportunities will appear unlike you have imagined, so it means to slow down. Listen; be aware of what is different. This is when you will see the fruit of your labor present itself.

There will be a lot of external noise to distract you. Step back and focus on your breath. You will be guided about where and how to make your next move. Once you have listened to the message, following the guidance is important because it will point you in new and exciting directions.

Blue Moon Life Purpose

Children born today will have the life path of 10 (7+3+1+2+0+1+5=19/10). They are born with the life purpose to lead, teach, and heal in creative ways. Nurture this always. They will grow up confident and attract abundance into their lives.

Blue Moon Meditation

If you are new to lunar energy and numerology, set time aside to visualize what you want to manifest. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, visualize the light of the full moon washing over you, penetrating your skin, organs, blood, and bones. When you inhale, see this light enter your nose and lungs. Exhale whatever challenge you have been holding onto. Repeat this until you feel relaxed. Next, ask for guidance on how to move forward on a goal.

This next part is important: sit quietly and patient. You will receive messages about your next step. Messages sometimes come after the mediation. It may be in a conversation, in your dreams, or in a song that you suddenly hear. Be open to following the guidance.

Think of this Blue Moon and 10 vibration as a blossom opening up. Prepare to enjoy the bounty it brings.

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