Rude Awakening – Introduction

My earliest memory of anything spiritual while wide awake was the morning my mom, dad, infant brother, and I were in the kitchen in Germany. I was maybe five and a half years old. My mom was baking something. She opened the oven door and a green plastic cup moved from the corner of our Formica table to the edge of the stove door then to the floor. We all sat in silence. Complete silence. I know that at least my mom, dad and I saw this cup move. Then we returned to our morning as if nothing had happened. I asked my dad about it and he does not seem to recall this happening.

He does recall the evening when he saw an apparition standing over my bed. The shadowy man freaked out my dad. He grabbed me out of my crib and had me sleep with him and my mother.

Both of my parents have strong psychic mediumship skills, but I did not grow up in a home that supported recognizing and communicating with spirits. It was never a topic of conversation. I grew up slightly southern. We went to church on Easter and occasionally prayed before eating dinner. I went to Sunday school on and off until I was in the fourth grade. Being religious didn’t resonate with me and it still does not. Ironically, I do have an interest in learning about religions and other spiritual practices.

Rude Awakening is written because of my conversations with my father, who didn’t reveal his abilities to me until 2014. I don’t speak of my stories recanted by my mother because she considers this kind of talk as witchcraft. Other times she keeps her lips pressed firmly closed, which is ironic for someone who loves to talk.

I will share more about my awakening in the coming weeks. I have experienced a lot in the last year and I can see how it is all a culmination of everything I have gone through in life. It has been an interesting journey.

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