Rude Awakening – Ascension Dates

There has been a lot of conversation about ascension the last couple of years. I wasn’t privy to these goings on because I was still in a state of deep healing. In 2014, it became part of my vocabulary on a regular basis.

December 2012 was about us shifting from the paradigm where we acquiesced to imbalanced masculine energy. (Balanced masculine energy is supportive, giving, active.) We are now in the New, as many call it. The Divine Feminine. The Age of Aquarius. This is bringing in a balance between masculine and feminine. This requires acknowledging the feminine in everything.

I started getting ‘ascension dates’ on a regular basis. I could be doing anything: washing dishes, showering, eating, writing, talking to someone. I was getting dates for when      I would experience a doubled surge of energy that corresponded with the earth’s shift. Most of these dates paralleled with the new and full moon and changing of seasons.

I have dates that are well into 2016. This caused me to question the idea that the future does not exist because it hasn’t happened yet. It begs me to question how the past, present and future are the same. I’m still figuring it out.

I asked my spirit guides why they gave me the dates. Some of it has to do with me needing to know everything and being an over thinker. Other reasons were related to helping me not being surprised to the surges. I was shocked by one of my ascension dates where I felt like I went into a trance and my eyes fluttered uncontrollably. I knew what was happening, but it still seemed weird. I started asking for a gentler approach.

Many people call them downloads. We are born with everything we need to know already. Our free will and karma buries this knowledge. During ascension we release what we do not need and our true selves come to the surface along with any skills, knowledge and abilities. We are ascending into the New.
Most people seem to know the dates for the earth’s ascension and understand how it affects people. I seem to be the only person who gets personal ascension dates. I’m sharing this now to see if there are any others.

I understand how the earth’s ascension and mine are related. I understand how ascension affects those who do not fight it. And those who do have no clue about ascension and fight the energy flow. It’s hard to watch sometimes. I sometimes share messages. Often the messages fall on deaf ears amongst those who say they believe.

The more I purge, the more I can see who I am. I can sense my soul’s journey over time and what I’m here to do now. The integration has been wondrous, odd, a tad scary. It’s interesting how I used to fight against the very thing I wanted. With releasing what no longer serves me comes everything that will bring me freedom.

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