Recovering From Sugar Addiction

I’m a recovering addict.

Whenever I felt anxious, fearful, anger, unworthiness, unloved, or any kind of discomfort I anesthetized myself with white sugar. White flour was a close second.

Oatmeal crème pies, bubble gum, candy, pies, ice cream, and cookies were my drug. I used to go on binges by buying a box of my desired treat and eating it all in one sitting. After I was done I desired another box. I felt happy – temporarily.

All of those sweets, although delicious, were made with refined sugar. The more processing any food goes through the more my body had issues with it. I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t pretty.

My mom hated that my dad introduced me to chocolate. I was about 8-months old. She pushed fruit on my brother and me my entire childhood. If we were hungry she immediately would say, “Eat a piece of fruit.” She baked maybe one cake my entire childhood. And, I only remember having one for my eighth birthday. Desserts were saved for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Snacks were something I shared with my dad. I was a daddy’s girl. We shared Little Debbie trips and ate our favorite treats. I believe I have tried them all.

In my spiritual growth, I have learned that sugar addiction is associated with the solar plexus, specifically the pancreas. Our inner child craves refined sugar and flour (all purpose flour, enriched flour) as a way to sooth itself.

I have released a lot of inner child trauma over the years, but I find that I am still holding on to a few more memories that I need to let go. It is a practice.

I enjoy eating fruit more now. I am 100% certain that I’m not replacing one addiction for another. My body feels joy when I eat it. No weird body reactions occur.

I’ve had my spirit guides show up in my dreams and shake their fingers at me about getting rid of what I do not need. It’s one of those messages you can’t dispute.

So, here I am working towards complete freedom.

Someone pass me a pineapple.

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  • Reply Donna Frasca 5 Jan ’16 at 7:38 AM

    … and the pineapple is a perfect Solar Plexus food!

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