Work With Loving Ancestors

We stand on the shoulders of the elders who came before us. When they transition from the physical world to the spiritual they look out for us every moment of the day.

But not all ancestors are loving.

If the souls of our ancestors decide to stay in the physical realm, they are hanging out with the same ideas, behaviors, and attitudes they had when they were in their physical bodies. If they were living in fear, they are guiding us from that fear.

Souls that cross over into the light go through a process to shed their earthly lives. They transcend the emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness that they once had. They learn from their earthly experience.

Ancestors in the light guide us from a place of love.

I have removed ancestors from my life because they are still holding on to fear. They refuse to cross over into the light because of fear.

Work with loving ancestors.

Call on Archangels Michael and Azreal to remove the ancestors who are not at the vibration of love. Michael protects people and removes obstacles. Azreal helps souls cross over into the light. Ask them to remove the other spirits around you who are not at a vibration of love.


Dear Archangels Michael and Azreal,

                                    Please remove all spirits from me and my home  who are not at the vibration of love. Thank you.


The energy around you will shift. Messages from loving ancestors, and other spirits, will be clearer.

I still send love to my ancestors who are not in the light. Yes, they do refuse to cross over even with an angelic escort. But their guidance is absent from my life. I feel lighter.

Think of working with Archangels Michael and Azreal as an angelic spring cleaning. Call on them and connect with ancestors who will guide you with loving intentions.

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