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What Is Reiki?

What is Reiki?            

People are taken aback when they first hear the word reiki. Some run for the hills because they picture reiki practitioners conjuring the ooga booga. That is the opposite of what reiki practitioners do.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an energy healing technique discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1920’s. In Japanese, rei means ‘higher power’ and ki means ‘life force power.’ It is a gentle process that heals the mind and body through a series of hand positions placed on and/or over the body.

As reiki students, we are taught the chakra system, the corresponding organs and tissues, and the basic body functions. The hand positions allow us to send reiki energy into your body. This process is painless. Some of my reiki clients have described the energy as feeling like love. That’s pretty cool.

Energy Healing By Other Names

Energy healing is not exclusively Japanese. It is a process that has been used for centuries by other cultures. Reiki falls off the tongues of many because of the influx of courses that took off in the 1980’s. I first learned reiki in 2014 and, as it turned out, everyone and their mama is some kind of energy healer. Some learned this technique as Theraputic Touch, Run Valdr, Sekhem, Ra Sekhi, healing mediumship, or laying on the hands.

Reiki Beliefs

Reiki is a spiritual system. Spiritual means understanding your inner truth. This in itself is a process that requires patience. As a spiritual system, reiki guides us to find our inner truth. Reading metaphysical literature, journaling, exercising, meditating, healthy eating, and yoga are some of the ways to understand your inner truth. It is how I understand mine. I also give myself reiki every morning.

The Spirit World

People do become more intuitive when they become reiki practitioners. We are all spirits having a human existence. We are all intuitive. We all have a connection to the spirit world. Free will allows us to ignore our intuition and the spirit world. Reiki practitioners do connect with the spirit world during reiki sessions. We are guided when to change hand positions, how long to stay there, and messages are shared to help you balance life after the session.

You do not have to believe in reiki to receive it.

A reiki session is a time to relax and have someone else care for you.

What is scary about that?

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