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Reiki and the Ministry

Have you noticed how many reiki master teachers are ministers? Reiki is a spiritual system, but this is not why they have become ‘people of the cloth.’

Alternative Healing and the State

States have specific laws and policies in place for practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine modalities, like massage and reflexology because it involves manipulating the skin and muscles.

Energy healing does not require a license.

Reiki is not massage. Reiki practitioners understand that healing is taking place when they place their hands on a client. They cannot give medical or psychological advice unless they are licensed doctors, nurses, or therapists. Reiki practitioners can legally ask questions and teach using personal stories to inspire clients to think about their lives.

Becoming a minister associates reiki practitioners with religious or spiritual institutions. This allows them to offer reiki as an extension of their religious or spiritual practice. There are no laws or policies regulating this type of practice.

Caveat Emptor

Not all reiki practitioners with ordinations think of reiki as an extension of their religious or spiritual practice. This becomes tricky, as they may be ordained for the sake of not being regulated. It is good to know your reiki practitioner’s intentions.

My spiritual practice is Buddhist and I am a member of a Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregation. Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Buddha, practiced energy healing. UU’s believe in the interconnectedness of everyone’s path.

I am not neither a Buddhist nun nor a UU minister. I am an ordained interfaith minister through the Universal Life Church. (I thought it would be cool to marry people.)

Reiki is an extension of my Buddhist practice. In Buddhism, compassion is a practice of removing the suffering in others. Reiki energy heals suffering.

As a Buddhist and UU, my practice is a socially engaged practice that leads to joy.

Shouldn’t this be the point of ministry?

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