Psychic Development

Grounding, Protecting & Clearing

Grounding and protecting are necessary before doing any energy healing work like psychic development. Clearing is best to do before and after energy work. Also, do it after spending time with people.

You may sometimes feel detached from your body when developing your psychic abilities. You may find yourself daydreaming more, feeling emotions or thinking thoughts that are not your own.

Grounding connects you to your body and to the earth. Protecting helps you to only feel your feelings and think your thoughts. It also protects you from other energy forms from latching onto you – human and non-human.

Your body consists of an electromagnetic field, or aura, that surrounds your entire body like a bubble. The shape, size, color, and clarity can be seen and/or felt. The aura is an indication of your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It can change throughout the day.

Your aura can stretch as far as fifty feet. It comes into contact with the auras of everyone you have ever met. This is how you know when someone is coming up behind you. You are feeling their aura. Every interaction results in an exchange of electromagnetic energy. Clearing removes the other person’s energy from your aura.

Visualizations will strengthen your 3rd Eye chakra. This will help you develop your psychic abilities involving clairvoyance, or clear seeing.

Grounding – Picture yourself as a tree. Your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Roots spring from the souls of your feet and move deep into the ground. Feel your legs, hips, stomach, arms, and head strengthen. Feel the sun on your skin as it warms and energizes you.

Experiment with other symbols to ground yourself, like a rock, anchor, or flower. Become aware of how you feel when choosing your symbol for grounding. This is an indication for which symbol works best.

Protection – Picture your aura as a thin blue shield that stretches three feet from your body. Make it expand so that it is the same size of the room that you are in. Expand your aura so that it surrounds your house. Next, contract your aura so that it envelops you like a second skin. Practice watching your aura expand and contract. End the visualization with the size that feels comfortable for you.

Clearing – Visualize a white light that sweeps through your body from every direction. Allow this light to penetrate your skin, bones, blood and muscles.

Affirmations – These are short sayings that reflect what you want to accomplish. Affirmations strengthen your throat chakra and your psychic abilities involving clairaudience, or clear hearing. You can also write affirmations, or repeat them silently.

  • I AM grounded, safe, and secure.
  • I AM shielded by the white light of [your deity].

Angels – Call on Archangel Michael to shield you and cut cords between you and undesired energy.

Prayer – Call on your deity to envelop you in white light. Example: Dear _______, please envelop me in your white light and protect me from harm. Thank you!

Experiment with all the techniques and use one, or a combination, that resonates with you the most.

Make grounding, protecting and clearing part of your daily routine.

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