Psychic Development

Developing Your Clairvoyance

Clear seeing is where you receive messages through your 3rd eye chakra.


Shift from using daydreams as an escape from your reality. Ground and protect yourself first. Visualize your success or dream vacation. Cultivate the emotion you intend to feel once you have achieved that desired goal. This is the beginning of how manifesting abundance happens. Daydreaming with intention shifts your subconscious and conscious mind. Your spirit guides will take notice and help make your daydreams a reality.

See yourself taking the necessary steps (and accomplishing each one) that will lead you to your vacation home in Maui or Thailand. If you want to start your own business, see yourself procuring the capital and team that will help you build your empire. See and feel yourself having fun and enjoying what you want to manifest. Your daydreams have power.

Recording Dreams

Journaling is sacred. It is a safe way of getting thoughts and feelings off your chest. You can list your fears, worries, joys, ideas, and goals without anyone judging you. Keeping a journal allows you to chronicle your life, observe shifts in consciousness, and rework creative ideas until you are ready to share them.

Recording your dreams helps you understand the messages at a deeper level. The symbols, conversations, locations, animals, colors, and numbers all have meaning. Repetitive dreams are messages within themselves. It means that you need to pay more attention to that area of your life. You are caught up in a cycle that needs to end.

Dreams are sometimes ways for your subconscious to process your day, but there are still messages within those images. Dreams can be menacing, funny, esoteric, or mundane. Write them down. Dreams help make decisions to take care of yourself for when you are awake.

Journaling can be done longhand in a bound book or in a document on a computer. Try something different and keep a visual journal by including images that you draw, paint, or cut out of magazines. Take a leap of faith and start a blog or video journal. Sometime sharing helps others realize that they are not alone.

Dream dictionaries will give you general descriptions about colors, animals and symbols. They do not explain what they mean specifically for you. That answer is inside you.

When in doubt, ask your spirit guides for help. They will step in and give you clarity.

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