Psychic Development

Developing Your Clairsentience

Clear feeling allows you to receive messages through your emotions. This is connected to the sacral (trust, joy, pleasure), solar plexus (confidence, fear, anxiety) and heart (love, compassion, forgiveness) chakras.

Set time aside to recognize how emotions register in your physical body when you look at photos of friends, family members, strangers, and animals.

Practice with psychometry, which is feeling emotions (or seeing images) when you hold objects in your hand. Use objects that are unfamiliar to you. You can do this at garage sales, antique stores, or with a friend who can supply you with objects of their own.

Always ground and protect. Clear your aura and rest periodically so that you are only feeling your emotions.

Empathic Abilities

Being empathic means sensing other people’s emotions. When you are around people, slow your breathing and notice how you feel. Notice if you are feeling your own feelings. You can try this at work, when using public transportation, or walking around your neighborhood.

Notice the difference before, during and after you read or listen to the news.

It is important to ground, protect and clear if you are empathic. Not doing so will affect your well-being. Being empathic means creating healthier boundaries between yourself and others. It means taking some kind of action:

  • Reducing or eliminating exposure to the news
  • Limiting communication with others. Tell people you need time to take care of yourself.
  • Spending more time with friends and family who are happy.
  • Spending time alone doing what you love.

If you are the type of person who loves to help others, use your empathic abilities to be of service to others. But, take care of yourself first. Remember your boundaries. When you have the energy, extend help that is within your capacity.

You will know when too much is too much. Listen to your feelings.

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