Psychic Development

Developing Your Claircongnizance

Clear knowing is connected to the crown chakra.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing gives you a direct connection to angels, your spirit guides and Higher Self. It will strengthen your ability to know when you are guided by the Universe. It is how you know the absolute truth.

I used to shun automatic writing. After conquering my fear I find it to be an effective way to release what does not serve me and be open to receiving guidance about my life’s purpose.

For this exercise, start with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is you. It is the part of you that remained in the spirit world when you were born into your physical body. The part of your Higher Self inside your physical body is your soul. Your soul, Higher Self, chakras, and auras are interconnected. This is how you are psychic.

Decide if you are going to type or write for this exercise. Sit quietly, relax and take three to five deep breaths. Feel your feet connected to the floor. Visualize a bright, white light shielding your aura.

Write down three open-ended questions that you want answered. You can try this approach:

Dear Higher Self, for the highest good, what steps do I need to take to be in a healthy romantic relationship?

What you hear will be the response from your Higher Self. Write or type the response. Thank your Higher Self after each response.

At the end of the three questions, visualize white light cleansing your aura. Replenish your body’s energy with a drink of water and a snack. This is energy work, after all.

Work with your Higher Self a few times a week. When you are comfortable, move onto automatic writing with your spirit guides.

Happy writing!

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