Psychic Development

Maintaining Healthy Relationships While Living as a Psychic Medium

My relationships with friends and family have changed since deciding to live as a psychic medium.

Both of my parents have psychic abilities that are phenomenal. My father shares his skills whenever I ask. He supports me 100%. My mother ignores the topic altogether.

Friends have ‘transitioned’ to acquaintances because our values and interests no longer converge.

I started out only wanting to develop my psychic abilities for my daily life. Expanding into giving intuitive readings felt natural. I didn’t question it. However, I struggled with telling people, Hey! I’m a psychic medium. I’m at 99% acceptance as I write this.

Working with the spirit world is seen as spooky, witchcraft, or the devil’s work. I work overtime dispelling the myths and mayhem associated with psychic abilities, angels, spirit guides, Loved Ones.

There is a silver lining. As friends and family stepped away, people who are open to psychic mediumship became more visible. Initially, it was difficult to experience. I thought the people I’ve known for years (decades!) would have been supportive. I later realized that was is a process for rebuilding a supportive community.

Joining different groups of energy healers changed my life. I’m connected to hundreds of people who work with reiki, gemstones, angels, spirit guides, loved ones and divination. These aren’t deep relationships, but very supportive. Collaborative.

Everything is connected. Living my truth requires releasing what no longer serves me. It makes room for abundance.

I’ve had a lot to ponder since beginning this post. I love how my community is developing. Relationships take time. Good relationships require time.

Hey! I’m a psychic medium. 100%.

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