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Connect With Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the part of you that remained in the spirit world when you incarnated into your physical body. It is also your 8th chakra, or Soul Star chakra.

Your soul is the part that is in your physical body, which rests behind your heart. Your soul and Higher Self sometimes need to be realigned. This disconnect happens because of emotional and physical trauma. Your Higher Self guides you regardless of it being in alignment or not with your soul. Trauma distorts your awareness.

Incorporate talking to your Higher Self aloud or in your mind during the day. You can start by saying, Hello, Higher Self. I would like to be in more alignment with you. There are other ways to communicate with your Higher Self.

  • Automatic writing
  • Silent meditation
  • Prayer
  • Affirmations
  • Journaling
  • Ask Archangel Zadkiel for a healing

Trust this guidance, as it is coming from a place of love. You will live happier and with more abundance when your soul and Higher Self are in alignment.

Universal Numerology Vibration: Today’s vibration is 8 – will power. Practice saying no to everyone and everything that does not nurture you.

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