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Volunteer Work Will Open Your Heart Chakra

Volunteer work that involves direct contact with people who are experiencing suffering opens your heart chakra.

Your heart chakra connects your lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) with your higher chakras (throat, brow and crown). Love vibrates in every aspect of your life when the heart chakra is open.

Taking care of yourself first allows you to understand your capacity to help others. Self-love, or self-care, involves exercise, healthy diet, rest and fun. If you have low energy then you will not have the strength to help cook a community meal for 200. Self-love helps you gauge where you can share your energy for the best results.

Love is an action and attitude. It’s about giving and receiving. You attract gratitude and support when you are happy with your volunteer work. This plants a seed for abundance.

Forgiveness affects healing for all chakras. For the heart chakra, this includes forgiving the choices you have made in the past. This helps you forgive others in the same fashion.

Compassion is an action to end suffering. Volunteer work in itself is compassionate. Your capacity for compassion grows when your intentions are selfless.

Empathy is the ability to sense and understand other people’s emotions. You feel and know their truth. This inspires you to act in a heart-centered way. This could be expressed as fostering animals, knitting baby blankets for newborns or buying lunch for a panhandler.

Volunteer work keeps your heart chakra healthy. Find a cause that is meaningful to you. You will heal yourself and change the world.

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