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Types of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are your team of counselors. They give you guidance about everything in life. They are always communicating with you in whispers, visions, feelings or thoughts.

All spirit guides have lived as human beings. They have experienced enough as human and spirit to be allowed to guide your journey on earth. The types of spirit guides below are a few who help guide you in everyday matters.

Personal Spirit Guides
This is your permanent team of spirit guides. Your soul met with them before incarnating into physical form on earth. There is one who is the primary spirit guide; it speaks for all other guides on your team.

Teacher Spirit Guides
Ascended Masters are teacher guides. They partner with the angels to tech you specific lessons like self-love, love for others, purity and service. They stay with you temporarily or flow into your life periodically. Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Buddha and Jesus are some of the commonly known teacher guides. Ascended Masters can also serve as a primary spirit guide.

Ancestor Spirit Guides
Ancestor guides are similar to your personal spirit guides. They are not to be confused with ancestors. Ancestor guides lived several lifetimes ago. They have spent ample time in the spirit world learning how to be spirit guides. They counsel you about your true calling. It is rare for a family member from your current lifetime to become an ancestral spirit guide.

I met one of my ancestor spirit guides when I learned how to do automatic writing. I learned that music balances my mind, body and spirit. Music needs to be in my life to feel grounded, connected to my body and the universe.

Messages from your spirit guides are clear when your mind and heart are open. If you are ignoring the messages, your guides will use a different route. In this new age, they conspire to send messages to you through the Internet. They are that savvy.

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