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Learn Your Soul’s Purpose with the Akashic Record Meditation

Our souls learn by incarnating in different lifetimes to have various experiences. We sometimes struggle with the very thing that is related to our soul’s purpose.

My soul’s purpose is to teach. I shunned teaching. I turned down jobs because I did not want to be in a classroom. Despite my academic achievements, I did not like being a student either. I learned that I wasn’t meant to be in a classroom. I was forcing a square peg into a round hole. I learned that I needed to find interesting ways to teach what I love, which turned out to be reiki, psychic mediumship, spirituality and food. I even found a way to integrate it all into my reiki classes.

You can step back and do an inventory of your life to see where your challenges are then approach them from a perspective that is more interesting to you. Sometimes it takes more work – soul work – to understand your soul’s purpose. Your Akashic Record has the answers. It is the history of your soul’s past lives. Your soul resides behind your heart and the answers are in it.

You can access your own Akashic Record through meditation.

  • Place the palm of your right hand over your heart and ask your soul a question. “Which lifetime is related to the fear that I am experiencing?” “Why did I decide to incarnate at this time?” “When did I take a vow of poverty/celibacy?” “What is my soul’s purpose?”
  • Go into meditation and focus on your breath. Allow the answers to come up. It may be visions, whispers, emotions or thoughts. It may feel real, but be aware that it is only a memory.
  • While you are experiencing your past lifetime, look at yourself, others, era, the landscape, etc.
  • Ask who else in that lifetime is in your life now and how it is related to your present life.
  • End the meditation when you feel that you have learned enough. Do something grounding like yoga, going for a walk, or dancing.
  • Journal about what you learned, or share with a trusted friend.

Your life will shift in positive ways after you access your Akashic Record. You can access it as often as needed. The key is to integrate the wisdom into your current life to understand and release challenges.

The Akashic Record meditation is a tool for healing. Use it to live a happy and peaceful life.

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