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Pleiadian Visit Inspires Me To Teach Reiki

It made sense for me to be drawn to alternative healing modalities. I hated taking medicine as a child. My mom used to check my mouth to see if I swallowed my chewable vitamins. I wasn’t fond of doctors either. When I got older, I toiled over becoming a massage therapist or relexologist. I was repulsed by the thought of touching someone’s skin.

In 2011, I ‘stumbled’ upon reiki and felt a soul connection. I devoured every piece of information I could find. The challenge then became finding a class that would be that final morsel of delight.

Flash forward to 2014. Spirit whispered to me to look through the local holistic newspaper. I flipped haphazardly until I saw the name of the reiki teacher who would eventually give me my reiki 1 and 2 attunement. Her name seemed to beam at me. I called and felt comforted by her voice as I listened to her voicemail. Speaking to her directly after she returned my call only reinforced what I felt.

Little did I know that learning reiki in a classroom would be a dull experience. The class was one-on-one and we took turns reading the manual to each other. All thoughts of teaching reiki were dissipated. But, I loved reiki. I did self-reiki; reikied (not a word) my food, water, plants; participated in reiki shares; and organized reiki clinics. Still, teaching reiki was not on the table. But the reiki teacher attunement felt like a gravitational pull. When I finally completed all three reiki levels I continued to ignore the teaching aspect.

On the morning of September 29th (the dark moon was in Virgo), I woke up from a visit from the Pleiadians. They are my soul family. The visit felt too real to be a dream. I walked into an apartment through the living room towards an open kitchen. There were twin Pleiadian sisters standing behind the counter. They stood several inches above my five foot three frame. Their hair was straight, ashen white, and cut just below their angular jaw line. Their eyes were a pale yet luminous blue. The one standing to the right extended her hand for an introduction and says, “I hear you are a reiki master.” Several moments passed before they started joking about how I didn’t know they were twins.

Dealing with twins while awake is already tricky then you add the layer of them being invisible. But, I digress.

The visit with the Pleiadians inspired me to not only teach reiki but to be creative with it. Master Usui originally taught reiki as a master class. It was divided up into three levels after he transitioned from the physical world. I decided to honor Master Usui’s practice in that regard. My approach is to teach the class in a way that I’d want to learn. Dancing is involved.

My life shifted dramatically after I stepped fully into my soul’s purpose of teaching. I’m grateful that my soul family was there to give me a nudge to help me remember who I am. The best part is that the Universe is sending me students. Life seems to flow in the right direction.

The anniversary of that visit is this coming Saturday, which is also a dark moon in Libra (before moving into Scorpio that evening). Astrologers are predicting wondrous energy. Plus, it’s almost time to honor our ancestors for Samhain and Dia de los Muertos. World only knows what will happen, but I feel good about it.

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