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Healing Myself With Soul Retrieval

I have been retrieving my own soul fragments one by one for almost two years. My soul loss involves a lot of verbal, emotional and physical abuse, which manifested into self-sabotaging behaviors. I lived in fear.

Soul retrieval for myself is not as elaborate as for when I do it for others, but I always work with the angels and spirit guides to heal soul fragments.

My angels and spirit guides recommended that I heal by becoming vegan, dancing, practicing tantra, and balancing my work life with painting, baking, and doing photography.

I knew something significant changed for me when my mom and I hugged in a dream. I woke up feeling at peace. I have hugged it out with several people in dreams who would rather eat glass than speak to me. C’est la vie. I send them love often.

My life now is peaceful, creative and happy. I am not perfect. Every moment is a practice. I take leaps of faith more often without clinging to an outcome. That is a major shift for me.

Soul retrieval has been a clearing, of sorts. I learn new things about myself every day, especially past lives. Everything about my present life now makes sense.

I started chipping away at my fear in 2011. I had a chisel in both hands. My angels and spirit guides had my back. They guided me to doing soul retrieval for others, sans the chisels.

Despite what is happening in the external world, I can feel wonderful changes happening in the world. I can feel it when the universe sends me clients. There’s a lot of good in this world that we cannot see. Healing wounds is clearing the way.


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