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Integrating Reiki With Other Healing Modalities

Reiki can be integrated with other healing modalities. The energy flows out the center of the palms as well as from the fingertips, so it can be sent from across the room or through gentle touch. The energy starts where the reiki practitioner places their hands, it then moves to wherever it is needed.

Reik energy is gentle and balances a client’s body and mind. The energy is always flowing. It can be used separately or integrated into the healing practice with little to no extra work.

Yoga Instructors
Healing energy can be sent to the joints and muscles of students during an adjustment or while they are in the savasana (corpse) pose.

Doula or Midwife
Alleviate discomfort in the birth parent during prenatal appointments or time of delivery. Case studies have described fetuses as calm, possibly going to sleep, during reiki sessions.

Therapists (PhD, MSW, LPC)
Sending distance healing from across the room to a client or to a stack of client folders will calm the mind, reduce stress, and give clients an overall feeling of relaxation.

Reflexologists & Massage Therapists
Reiki energy and the kneading of muscles work in tandem during the massage. Extra energy can be sent to a spot on the client if it required more work than usual.

Integrating reiki into an existing healing modality is another way to help a client achieve peace of mind and healthy body. Doing self-reiki is a helpful way to end the day of seeing clients, removing stress and inducing a restful sleep.

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