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What Is A Reiki Attunement?

A reiki attunement is a spiritual process of aligning you with reiki’s healing energy. A reiki master teacher performs the attunement during an attunement ceremony.

There are different types of reiki. Each master is a continuation of a lineage that starts Master Mikao Usui, Master Chujiro Hayashi, and Madam Takata as the primary masters. There are many deviations afterwards.

Every reiki master teacher is different. Regardless of having the same training, the connection to the energy differs. The more reiki master uses reiki the stronger the connection. Their healing on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level also affects their connection. This affects a reiki attunement.

During an attunement, at the basic level, the reiki master teacher channels the energy into your crown, which will then flow throughout your body. The rest of the ceremony will differ based on reiki tradition.

I teach Usui Reiki Ryoho. I also work with the angels and ascended masters. My reiki attunements are spirit guided – inviting the student’s spirit guides and guardian angels – so the student becomes more aligned with their spirit family for their own self-healing in addition to the reiki energy. No two attunements are the same. They vary on the needs of the student. One of my students may receive one attunement while another will receive four.

We are guided by spirit towards the right reiki master teacher. Use your intuition to decide on which type of reiki is for you and who will give you an attunement. Be aware that you could outgrow your reiki master teacher after an attunement. This has been my experience. Whatever lesson you needed to learn with a particular reiki master teacher is about your soul’s purpose.

A reiki attunement is a spiritual process that connects you to the universe and helps you heal mind, body and spirit. There is no right or wrong way to experience a reiki attunement. Your intuition will guide you for what’s right for you at that time.

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