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Using Reiki In Your Everyday Life

You can use reiki in your everyday life. One does not have to become a reiki professional after receiving an attunement. It can be used for self-care only.

Reiki energy flows through the palms and fingertips, so you are sharing the energy with everything you touch. When used with intention, reiki can be used to clear energy blocks, raise the vibration and for balancing.

The hand positions taught in a reiki course can balance the mind and body; clear energy blocks from auras and chakras; and alleviate headaches, muscle pain, and mild body irritations.

Food and Water
Similar to saying a prayer over a meal. You are sending energy directly into the food or drink, which is known to elevate how you feel when consuming the meal. Reiki the groceries before putting them away.

Household pets, especially cats and dogs, enjoy reiki energy. They will snuggle up to you for an energetic rubdown.

Reiki feeds the roots and stimulates its growth. Use the energy on seeds to create a vibrant harvest.

Clear the energy of a room before you get there (distance reiki) or as you are standing in it. This will raise the vibration and people’s moods.

Chanting & Meditation
Use a symbol during meditation or chant the name to focus your mind.

Self-care is vital to your wellbeing. Reiki is another way to energize and balance your life. The best part, is that reiki is accessible whenever you want it.

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