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Crying Someone Else’s Tears

Being an empath was difficult at first because I didn’t know I was one. I cried a lot, thinking I was over emotional.

In 2009, while working a freelance gig in Manhattan, I started feeling upset like I was in the middle of an argument. Moments later I heard arguments (in my head). I asked why I was feeling this way then started to have visions of a woman I knew casually involved in the squabble with another woman. Being ungrounded and not having healthy boundaries led me down a rabbit hole. I learned that the two women were fighting over a man, who I also knew.

I was distracted for an hour by this fiasco.

Empaths (and highly sensitive people) have a sensitive central nervous system, which is responsible for receiving information outside and inside the body. This includes the brain, spinal cord, optic and olfactory nerves, all nerve endings in the body and the gastrointestinal digestive system.

Empaths receive information from everything and everyone around them. They are also affected by what they eat, drink and put on their skin.

Grounding and shielding is vital for empaths. It protects their mind, body and spirit. There are practical ways to ground and shield.

  • Releasing people, food and behaviors that deplete or scatter energy
  • Grounding and shielding using visualization or calling on Archangel Michael for protection
  • Yoga, chanting and meditation
  • Dancing
  • Spending time outdoors, especially in parks and near water
  • Self-reiki
  • Eating root vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds

I use all the methods above. The energy of a client, their spirit family and all the emotions that come with an intuitive reading can be overwhelming. Grounding and shielding my energy means I am taking care of myself so I have the strength to help my clients.

I no longer cry other people’s tears, but I’ve come close because I understood the suffering at hand. Calling on the angels to help me raise my vibration comes in handy.

Accepting being an empath took time. I spend more time having fun because there are no longer any rabbit holes to trip me up.

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