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Anger Can Be Healthy

I felt the anger of the collective consciousness, as well as my own, a few days ago. People were ablaze with emotion over events in the world.

My own anger was about choices I made when I should have said no. Specifically, I befriended a woman who was also an energy healer. While riding in her car, she turned towards me, smiled wide, and told me that she only connects with people she can get something from then she walks away when she’s done using them. Her laugh that followed expressed her seriousness.

Anxiety coursed through my body. I wanted to get out of her car, but we were on the highway. So, I kept my mouth shut. The relationship spiraled because she didn’t get what she wanted. She blamed me.

I’ve been angry because I was waiting for her to take responsibility for her behavior. I stopped being angry when I realized that she was mirroring unworthiness back at me.

I tell clients to love themselves then share what they can spare. Practicing what I preached had been a challenge.

Anger can be healthy when you understand why it is present. You can see which part of your life needs healing. This is no easy task. It requires being comfortable looking at yourself and taking responsibility for your part in whatever situation that led to the anger.

The next time anger surfaces see if you can step away and examine it. Look at it from multiple angles. Do the same if you feel anger rising just as something takes place. You’ll learn what triggers the emotion.

Ask yourself what the trigger is mirroring back at you. Also, explore the possibility of being highly sensitive or an empath. In any case, saying no to unhealthy people and situations reduces moments when you would risk life and limb to get away.

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