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Seeing Spirits With My Physical Eyes

I have seen spirits with my physical eyes three times. Each one was an older man who came to me in the evening. The visit that stands out the most happened around 2003.

My roommate (we’ll call her Sally) had odd experiences with water. Whenever Sally washed clothes she would go back and find the lid opened; the bathtub faucet leaked when she was home alone; and she woke up to find the cup of water by her bed empty in the morning. Sally toiled over this for days.

Spirits, psychic abilities, and paranormal phenomenon weren’t on my radar then, so I didn’t put much thought into it.

One evening I woke up and saw an older white male standing in my bedroom doorway. He was standing at about 5’10”, thin, wearing an orange polo shirt, khaki shorts, white tube socks and sneakers, and a baseball cap. I felt neutral about his presence, so I went back to sleep. (I felt this neutral about the other two visits in my life.)

The next morning my roommate asked me if I had left the kitchen light on. I said no then realized that the man turned on the kitchen light and opened the door. I got excited. Sally was amused. We told our landlord about the visit and wondered if anyone had died in the building. Nope!

I was still excited and shared with friends. One thought the visit was creepy. Another could sense the man’s energy and wanted to leave.

My attitude didn’t change. I named the man Bo and started leaving glasses of water for him in the kitchen. He didn’t touch it, so I started leaving beer. Still nothing. But, I did start calling the man Scott. I must have heard him correct me. In my excitement, I started leaving his name on altars during Dia de los Muertos.

I now understand that Scott was an earth-bound spirit trying to get Sally’s attention. Water symbolizes emotions and intuition. It’s also related to the sacral chakra. In one of our many conversations, Sally mentioned perfectionism being one of her big issues. We last spoke around 2010; she was still dealing with perfectionism.

This has been my issue as well, but it’s usually the angels telling me to cut loose and have fun. I feel that this memory of Scott is a reminder to take it easy.

And, with that, I’m headed to the park to do cartwheels.

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