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Integrating Energy From My Past Lives Into This One

I can feel energy shifts on the planet, as well as my own. It is similar to feeling the temperature change, except I can feel the shift throughout my body.

My angels and spirit guides often whisper, “past life regression” whenever the shift is about me. I get a dozen ideas with each shift and want to act on each one. I become unbalanced because I’m not processing this energy through my heart. Raising my vibration by dancing and singing is the usual guidance to help this along.

For the last four years, my angels and guides have been nudging me to change my diet to raw vegan. I resisted until a month ago. Eating raw, whole foods has been grounding. My dreams are less crazy. As a result, I see more orbs, channel more beings, and my healing abilities have expanded.

I lived as a monk in China during a past life. I’m integrating the energy into this life because I decided to be a spiritual teacher in this one. Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path helped me let go of fear. Spirit has been nudging me to create a sangha – a spiritual community of like-minded people relaxing, having fun, and exchanging ideas – in France. (There’s a story there. I’ll tell it soon.)

Today, White Tara told me that it is time for the people to prepare for the merging of the physical and spiritual worlds. We’ll need to let go of old ideas about life to help this along.

There have been energy shifts every day, sometimes multiple ones. I know they will continue throughout the year and become more intense this fall. My soul is old. I may be living on love and light by September.

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