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Transitioning From Academic to Spiritual Teacher

I’m making a transition from academia to spiritual teacher. Teaching has always been something that I loved, but I only thought of it in terms of academia.

Learning is fun, and I plan to do it for the rest of my life. Academia has had its highs. My training as an anthropologist was the most fun. The late Dr. Larry Naylor started the program from which I graduated. His mission was to create a department that was like family. He did exactly that – faculty, staff and students ate lunch and dinner together. And we went to the same clubs. Anthropologists are a wild bunch.

Although I enjoyed some of my experiences as an academic, I also found being in the classroom uneasy. The reality is that I was feeling everyone’s anxiety. I can ground, shield and clear my energy, but putting on a suit of armor every morning is bothersome.

I was drawn to energy healing when my long-time friend Drew mentioned the book, Hands of Light. I could clearly see the book in my 3rd Eye. At some point afterwards I learned about reiki and felt an uncontrollable, yet pleasing, pull towards it.

The last six years has been a process of learning about and practicing meditation, psychic development, reiki, and other healing modalities. The angels remind me often to share my passions. I love energy healing. I started teaching reiki last year after the Pleidians visited me in a dream. There has been a pattern to the types of people I teach.

  • Birth parents and mothers.
  • People who love children.
  • LGBTQIA + community.
  • People of Color.
  • Energy healers, spiritual teachers, and creative entrepreneurs.

Basically, these people are a reflection of me. (I’m kid-free but love children.) I have learned a lot about myself as I teach someone new.

I foresee a mass exodus in the academy. There are many students who turn to art and energy healing to balance their lives. Maybe some will turn academia on its head and start teaching or insisting on an integration of mind and spirit. I know of a few PhD’s who left the ivory tower to become spiritual teachers and never looked back.

My spirit family has been helping me to let go of what does not serve me so that I live happy as a spiritual teacher. I can say that teaching energy healing is a lot more fun. I’m not turning back.

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