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Manifesting Ice Cream Money

I like to write in the park when the weather is nice. This particular day the sky was clear blue and the sun was at nearly ninety degrees, which was a blessing after the days of rain and threat of more snow. Recreation Park was calling my name, so I listened. An ice cream truck pulled into one of the two parking lots as I arrived. I thought about how I loved ice cream as a kid, especially the vanilla ice cream that came in a plastic cone with a big blue piece of bubble gum at the bottom.

The picnic table where I sat was in the center of the park. The playground, carousel, swimming pool, baseball diamond, and both parking lots were visible. My favorite Hemlock tree was two feet away. It must have been someone else’s favorite tree too because a strand of Christmas lights hung from it.

At some point, I saw a young black girl, maybe twelve-years old, tall, thin, with Afro puffs on either side of her head, wearing a black T-shirt, denim shorts, and an indigo blue watch. She caught my eye earlier when she first walked to the park before disappearing behind the playground several yards in front of me. As she walked across the park, I noticed that she was headed in my direction. I thought she was going to pass by and continue moving. She didn’t – she sat at the table with me.

Strangers used to talk to me and share their sorrows then walk away. I later learned that I wasn’t protecting my energy. This crossed my mind as the young girl sat and let out a huff of frustration. I looked at her, smiled to raise my vibration then said hello. She responded in kind. The empath in me needed to know why she was sad. “I lost my ice cream money,” she said. I suggested that she retrace her steps and recheck her pockets, which she did earlier to no avail. The girl’s sulking and huffing continued.

There was a lesson for me to learn, so I waited for the defining moment. “The money will turn up, relax and breath, you’ll find it,” I told her then visualized the money appearing in her pocket. She smiled then walked away. Before I could assess the experience I heard, “I found it!” I turned to see her smiling with the dollar in her hand. “It was right here,” pointing at the ground maybe two yards away, nowhere near the spot where she first entered the park. Spirit moved that money so she would find it.

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