Psychic Development for Everyday Living

Psychic Development for Everyday Living by Pamela Olivia BrownPsychic Development for Everyday Living

Everyone is psychic. We all see, hear, know or feel information that seems difficult to explain. Acknowledging our abilities is the first step to strengthening them. Psychic Development for Everyday Living introduces simple and fun ways to do that.

I felt a nudge to strengthen my psychic abilities. There were several self-paced courses that could nurture me, but something inside me wanted a different approach to unfold my abilities naturally. Eventually, I enrolled in a course to be mentored towards giving professional readings. It complemented what I already knew and practiced.

While doing readings, I learned that many people used their psychic abilities to make decisions every day but dismissed the information as odd or kept it secret. My intention behind Psychic Development for Everyday Living is to help people understand that being psychic is natural.

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