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Sacral Chakra Inner Child Healing

Creativity is connected to the sacral chakra. It is located at the top of the pubic mound and regulates reproductive fertility, abundance of creative ideas, sexual orientation, intuition, and emotions. This is the area of feminine energy.


  • Create!
    • Visual art: draw, paint, color, or make a movie.
    • Writing: Write a story, poetry, play, song, or article.
    • Cook, bake, landscape, or garden.
    • Take an idea that you’ve been mulling over and create it using pictures.
  • Rest!
  • Connect to the feelings associated with manifesting your heart’s desires, i.e., dream vacation, relationship, or career.
  • Pay attention to your emotions when you meet someone or enter a room.


Feminine energy has nothing to do with being female. It’s about creating, resting, and allowing emotions to surface and understanding the messages coming from them. Journal about how you felt as you did the activities above. Challenge yourself by drawing or painting your feelings without using words. Colors, shapes and sizes are symbolic, let them tell the story about your sacral chakra.

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