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Heart Chakra Inner Child Healing

The heart chakra is the center of love, compassion and forgiveness. Compassion is taking action to heal suffering; forgiveness is not taking on burdens. The heart chakra is located at the heart; minor chakras are in the palms of the hand. There are different types of love: self, love of family, friends, and strangers. All is unconditional when giving and receiving. People with a healthy heart chakra love themselves completely first.


  • Make self-care a priority.
  • Smile and say hello to strangers.
  • Play with pets.
  • Volunteer.
  • Make something with your hands.


People feel guilty taking care of their needs first. Is this an issue for you? Who taught you to put yourself second, why do you believe this to be your narrative? What would your life look like if you put your wellbeing first? Who or what falls away in this scenario?

Become aware of your life as you heal your heart chakra. What emotional, mental, spiritual and physical changes did you experience? Would you go back to the way it was when you were second in line for your own love?

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