Reiki Master Teacher Usui

My Life As A Reiki Master Teacher

I prefer teaching reiki to holding private reiki sessions because teaching gives people access to reiki whenever they want it.

Reiki can be done while in bed, shower, as part of meditation, or over food as part of a blessing. The possibilities are endless.

My intention for teaching reiki is oriented around self-care and sharing reiki with the community—friends, family, pets, and plants – than teaching it as a profession. When we care for ourselves first we learn how much energy we have for others. We learn what needs to be healed to have more energy overall.

I tried reiki as a primary profession. One hour-long appointment required three hours of my time because I cleared and grounded my energy before and after the appointment. Being an empath meant I could see and feel the clients’ “stuff,” which soured my attitude towards private appointments.

Reiki classes were divided into levels after Master Usui died. Perhaps Master Mikao Usui himself nudged me to return to teaching reiki as one class made sense: teach everything and encourage new reiki practitioners to practice.

Teaching the face-to-face reiki class to new practitioners is fun because I teach it the way I’d want to learn. The class is laid back with soft music playing in the background. I also offer plenty of snacks to ground energy. There have been lots of laughs too to keep the energy light and high vibrational.

Spirit guided me to teach reiki online to those who already have a reiki level 1 or 2 certification. I was against teaching reiki online because I preferred the face-to-face course. Once I attuned my first student I was open to doing it more often. Teaching reiki online is my favorite over the face-to-face class.

I realized that Spirit was guiding me to teach reiki in a way that serves new practitioners. Those I have taught use reiki for themselves and their community or integrate it into their already existing profession.

Spirit knows best! Listening to the guidance about how to teach reiki helped balance my life and have more energy.

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