July 2017 Numerology Forecast

Summer 2017 is a time for creating – art, relationships, new businesses, etc. July 2017 is a time to reap what was sown because it has an 8 vibration (7+2+0+1+7=8). There will be a lot of abundance and claiming of personal power.

Abundance looks different for everyone. It could be an increase of time, love, happiness, money, food, or responsibility. A new relationship could be the connection to abundance.

June had a 7 vibration, which asked us to go inward and reflect on what was important to our wellbeing. It was a time to clear clutter from our lives so our foundation strengthened and discernment sharpened. Going inward helped us project our truth. This is our personal power. No one can take that away.

On the flip side, July’s 8 has a vibration of lack and cowardliness. Create healthy boundaries between you and those who are waiting for something to happen to them rather than taking action to do something new.

The full moon will be in Capricorn at 9:06PM PDT on July 8 in the U.S. It will magnify the side of the vibration people are on individually and collectively.

However June looked for you – steeped in fear or releasing it – it will reveal itself in July, especially around the full moon.

Personally, I’d like to see more people take a leap of faith and create new projects and opportunities based on what they love. New communities can grow from these endeavors. It could cause a ripple effect around the globe. We need that now.

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