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The Spiritual Truth About Cats and Dogs

My fascination with cats and dogs are messages from my Higher Self about who I am and what I need to work on.

I have been pet sitting for cat and dog owners in Paris, France for over a month. Caring for animals isn’t anything new. I’ve been doing it for almost my entire life, either as my own pets or for others.

One of my most intense pet sitting assignment was in Ithaca, New York, during the brutal winter of 2015. The family lived off-grid, surviving on well water, wood-burning stoves, and wind-generated electricity. I took care of their three dogs, two chinchillas, and eight chickens. The dogs were cute, playful, and protective of the land they lived on.

Dogs are my totem animal – the core of who I am. Dogs are pack animals, which means they are community oriented. They protect their pack.

 Community is important to me.

Dogs come to me in my dreams often. I sometimes see the exact breed of dog being walked after dreaming about it the night before. The funniest dream was when a group of Rottweilers, standing on their hind legs, cheered and clapped as I walked a tightrope above them.

In my waking life, dogs get excited when I walk by. After my first reiki attunement, dogs seemed to notice me more. One dog stopped using the bathroom and ran up to me for attention. Its owner was baffled. I laughed to myself because I knew it was my vibration the dog was after.

Cats are my spirit animal, providing guidance. Cats rest a lot. My angels and spirit guides tell me almost every day to rest. I’m getting the hang of it.

Cats are intuitive and are sensitive to energy, which means they are keenly aware of people and their surroundings. They are independent and choose when they want to act.

Abundance flows easily into my life when I am more cat-like. Living in Paris has been stress-free. I have everything I need.

I thought my yearning for cats and dogs was about me wanting a pet. It wasn’t. My Higher Self, angels and spirit guides were giving me messages about how to balance my life. I need to spend more time resting, playing, and trusting my intuition. This makes sense given that I am an empath. It’s vital in how we keep ourselves healthy.

Life is hard when I don’t listen to Spirit. I used to work traditional 9-5 jobs with a lot of overtime. I accumulated stress in my neck, back and shoulders. Anger and impatience were my normal behaviors in those days. My social life was chaotic. None of that is characteristic of cats and dogs.

The stress and body pain disappeared when I made a commitment to work for myself.

Moving to Paris was about starting anew, building community based on who and what nurtures my lifestyle of resting, playing, and trusting my intuition. France is also home from previous life times. I was happy then. I’m happy now.

The Universe takes care of me as I take care of myself. There is work to be done, but it’s what I love to do.

I’m learning that I can have it all, but it’s only accessible when I work with Spirit.

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