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Strengthen Psychic Abilities With Tarot and Oracle Cards

Tarot and oracle cards can strengthen your connection to your Higher Self because they focus your awareness. Your Higher Self, as well as your angels and guides, send messages to you through your thoughts, emotions, visions, and sounds.

Think about how you receive messages.

  • Thoughts where you know the truth.
  • Visions in the form of images or movies.
  • Feelings like chills, hot flashes, stomach twitches, anger, sadness, happiness.
  • Sounds of whispers, songs, high pitched noise.

These are your psychic abilities. You will notice the same subtle and strong messages the moment you choose your deck.

I had a love-hate relationship with tarot. The Ridder Waite tarot deck was commonly used around me, but the deck didn’t resonate with me. I avoided the deck, which turned me off tarot.

Everything changed when I saw Kris Waldherr’s Goddess Tarot deck. I felt good on all levels. Tingly. I love the deck because the major arcana includes goddesses from different cultures. And there’s a connection between the goddesses and the minor arcana. Cups, Goddess Sarasvati; Swords, Goddess Isis; Staves, Goddess Freyja; and Pentacles, Goddess Lakshmi.

In the beginning, I felt the energy of the cards and still do. That has shifted to hearing my Higher Self telling me which cards to pull and how many. I became dependent on the cards and was nudged to gift them, which I did. This was to help me to trust my abilities.

Oddly, I was nudged again to return to using the cards. This time to understand how they can be used for personal development and for the sake of understanding tarot and oracle as divination tools. Ciro Marchetti’s Oracles of Vision and the Morgan-Greer Tarot round out my collection. Small, yet all I need for now. I sense the energy of all three. The Goddess deck feels gentle; Morgan-Greer, stern; and Marchetti’s cards are sensual.

Choose your first tarot or oracle card deck based on how you feel when you see and/or touch them.

Confession: I prefer cards that have no words or phrases on them because you learn to trust your abilities rather the deck creator creating meaning for you. All reading are different, even with the same cards. And don’t read the booklet that comes with your decks. This is the creator’s interpretation.

After you get your cards, sit with them, go through each one slowly. Turn the cards upside down. Notice what and how you sense the imagery. Write notes in a journal, if necessary.

Start out working with the cards based on how you are guided. It’s different for everyone. Trust this guidance. Take a class or join a forum to learn the basics of tarot and oracle. Notice how much validates what you sensed.

Spending time with tarot and oracle cards will take you in different directions — personal development, professional reader, or hobbyist — but, all in all, you will develop a stronger connection to Spirit.

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