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Using Gemstones With Reiki Healing

Reiki energy heal ing is effective on its own, but gemstones add an additional element to a healing session because they vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies magnify and strengthen what is already in us.

Gemstones are also sentient beings. Communicate with them the same way you do with your spirit guides. They will share messages about how to work with them.

Love Is The Earth by Melody is a wonderful resource to learn about gemstones. Melody includes historical background, vibration and hardness of the stones, astrology and numerology correspondences, chakra healing, and the spiritual aspects.

I used gemstones when I saw private reiki clients. Spirit guided me to choose (from my own collection) what to use, where in the space or on which chakra to place the gemstone, and even giving them to clients for continued healing. Below is what I used.

Earth Star Chakra
Boji Stones

Root Chakra
tourmaline, snowflake obsidian, black obsidian, jet, hemitite, smoky quartz, garnet, Shiva lingam, bloodstone, red jasper

Sacral Chakra
carnelian, tiger’s eye, hemitite

Solar Plexus Chakra
tiger’s eye, citrine, pyrite

Heart Chakra
rose quartz, aventurine, amazonite, malachite, rhodachrosite

Throat Chakra
lapis lazuli, blue kyanite

Third Eye Chakra
labradorite, lepidiolite

Crown Chakra
amethyst, selenite, Lemurian quartz, crystal quartz, watermelon quartz (connects heart and crown chakras)

Soul Star Chakra
crystal quartz

These stones can be used for distance healing healing as well. Again, allow Spirit to guide you. Most of what I have experienced is not in books. So, have fun. Grab a gemstone, talk to it and your guides, listen for messages, and heal your mind, body and spirit.

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