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I’m A Night Shift Worker

A Night Shift Worker, or Night Shift Dreamer, is a highly intuitive person who does healing work in the astral plane after they go to sleep at night. After a long night, the person wakes up feeling tired with body aches and possibly a head ache.

Spirit shared that I’ve been a night shift worker my entire life. Upon reflection, I can remember mornings when I woke up like I had partied too hard. I hadn’t. I was traveling the globe helping plants, animals and children.

Since my first reiki attunement, back in 2014, my night shift duties with children increased. I visited them in hospitals and comforted them, sometimes sang to them.

I’m not aware of who I help unless someone tells me. Few come forward. In 2016, a woman shared that I appeared in her dream, drumming and asking philosophical questions related to things she needed to ponder about her life. She said the visit was helpful.

The same year people started coming to me in my dreams for various reasons:

  • Help crossing over after their death;
  • Needing advice about their relationships;
  • Sharing whatever was weighing on their hearts.

I do night shift work a lot, but call it traveling. Spirit guides me to rest and play more during the day so that my energy level is higher when I travel. Waking up afterwards is not as painful. I also ask where I have gone. Spirit names the cities and countries. What I do specifically is no concern. I’m happy to serve.

Spirit said this work will increase in the coming days (as I write this) and for years to come.

Have I visited you? Please share your experience. Thanks!

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